Demonite Computers any expereience of this company

  mikechis 00:22 08 Sep 2003

I am currently considering buying a Demonite Xcite computer for £1600 but have found little in the computer press to gather material to form an opinion on them. Does anyone have experience in dealing with this company. Are their machines reliable and good value? They seem to offer a good product, but what about service and the quality of the computers they sell. Anyone out there have any info? I would be most grateful.

  Maelstrom 22:51 08 Sep 2003


  leo49 00:20 09 Sep 2003

They appear to be new kids on the block unless they've recently undergone a name change. Impression I got was they were charging a high mark up on components on the basis of a flashy case.

Someone else also saw their ad;

click here

  WRC 10:18 09 Sep 2003

It is just me or is there a similarity between these two companies. Have a look at the small print in the advert and it is the same apart from the address. The phone number is only different by the last four digits. The layout of the advert is very similar. Strange but true.

  leo49 10:39 09 Sep 2003

That is a very interesting observation. See also the websites;

click here

click here

  Giantsquid 12:01 09 Sep 2003

To be honest I have never heard of them, £1600 quid is a lot of money, what makes you single this company out ? because for that sort of brass you can easily deal with the top 5 in the UK.

  Tweaks 13:25 09 Sep 2003

yeah 1600 quid is a load of your hard earned cash. have u thought about assembling your own machine? i am building a top spec machine for £800 and all it take is a bit of time and some really basic comp knowledge. i mean if i can do it then lets face it a monkey should not have too many probs doing it too ;)


  Maelstrom 20:58 09 Sep 2003

Personally a decent site is a huge factor for me when buying a PC as it is the only representation of the company you have and Demonite just doesnt cut it.

If your willing to fork out large amounts of dough try Alienware or Maingear, flashy cases and a top spec machine.

In Reply to Tweaks

What spec is the machine your building?

  atacama 07:06 11 Sep 2003

I've just contacted Demonite computers by telephone and asked to speak to the boss. He didn't want to give me his name. That says it all.

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