Dell`s new printer range--PCA Poll

  anchor 12:28 24 Mar 2003

What range?.

I have been to the Dell.UK site and there is no reference to any Dell printers. The only printers, of either inkjet or laser, on the list are from other makers.

  Spindrift 16:40 24 Mar 2003

Quick Google search revealed this.

click here

  anchor 17:18 24 Mar 2003

I think that PCA are a bit premature in starting a poll, when the news seems only to have appeared today.

At then end of the day, members are not soothsayers, and does our opinion at this stage even matter. We don`t even know anything about them, so how can we even guess. They might even be rebadged Lexmarks.

  Forum Editor 18:35 24 Mar 2003

80 other people appear to know enough to make a judgement so far.

  Rayuk 19:46 24 Mar 2003

If there prices are the same cost/value as their pcs I wont be bothering.

  €dstow 19:53 24 Mar 2003

Don't know any details of these items but, if they are going to make any impact at all there will have to be an immediate countrywide availability of consumables. Not an easy task in a marketplace that has plenty of already good, bad and indifferent products to choose from, all of which can be fitted with refills from almost anywhere. Even my local Esso filling station has a large selection of HP and Epson ink cartridges plus a few Lexmark.


  Belatucadrus 11:28 25 Mar 2003

Looking at it appears the printers are only currently available in the USA & Canada and are clearly aimed at business users. In which case price and availability of consumables is going to be vital. With more people looking at compatibles because of price click here any printer manufacturer that forces people into using own brand cartridges sourced from their own web site could be giving themselves a big problem.

  Goldcroft 15:35 25 Mar 2003

With respect Forum Editor: why should "we give it a try anyway" when it is quite apparent from leading forum members that no one knows anything about these printers and according to one they will only be available in the US and Canada. Absolutely stupid. Surely it devalues the poll function? My first reaction was that the PCA had fallen prey to a marketing ploy, my second that it was a mistimed premature April 1st scam. As to the 80 who placed a vote ....................?!!! I just cannot believe that there are not more relevant interesting subjects for a poll. If not, it should be discontinued.

  Sir Radfordin™ 16:04 25 Mar 2003

Don't know if I count as a "leading forum member" but I have known that Dell were going to be selling printers for a while. Yes they may only be in the US for now, but thats the way life goes. The poll does serve a function - it gives us and idea how much of the market we can expect to see Dell take. If Dell can really compete with HP/Xerox in this market then I'm going to be happy.

  anchor 17:09 25 Mar 2003

At then end of the day how much market share they will take depends on price, quality and ease of availability. As we don`t know the answer to any of these questions, I cannot see that anyone can make a fair judgement.

Their new printers are to be made by Lexmark, who in the past have not featured high in independent reviews. HP, Epson and Canon seem to be always to the fore. I feel sure that no-one would buy a printer just because it has a Dell logo on the front.

As the UK launch is still over 5 months away, I feel that PCA are somewhat premature in starting this poll. As Goldcroft stated, "I just cannot believe that there are not more relevant & interesting subjects for a poll". In the end who cares?.

  davidg_richmond 18:04 25 Mar 2003

it is a little soon to be polling this but it is interesting to see how the 'hype' Dell wish to bring has affected the opinion of users here. the news of this has been around for a while now, as regular readers of The Register, The Inquirer, VNUNET, etc will testify.

i did vote in the poll, i think it will 'make a minor splash'. this is already evident in the lack of general knowledge about the move by Dell. i also believe that, as Anchor states, 'no-one would buy a printer just because it has a Dell logo on the front'. as they are also rebadged Lexmarks at a budget price, i am sure most purchasers will be aware that Dell and Lexmark will simply recoup the discount through the high price of cartridges, especially in light of recent rulings regarding the copyright violation of producing generic cartridges.

while i understand Dell's need to branch out from simply supplying PC systems in tight market conditions, i cynically feel that they are trying to 'get back' at Hewlett Packard for withdrawing their product line by substituting them with (in my opinion) inferior products.

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