Dell,Mesh or Time? Who is best?

  blip 20:07 24 Feb 2003

I decided it was time to upgrade my existing pc i have done a lot of research and came up with 3 pc's in my price range of £900.
First, i rang Dell and requested a brochure after 3 days no sign of it, so i rang again and was told it takes a couple of days to get it posted out, it is now 8 days and still no sign of it.
Second, i tried to phone Mesh but their phones werent working i tried again on saturday,only to be stuck in a queue for 5 mins so i hung up and e-mailed them and asked if they could call me,still no contact.
Then out of the blue, Time contacted me and asked if i was intersted in upgrading my existing machine.I have read a lot of bad things about time in these forums.BUT looks as if my money is going to Time seeing as they are the only company who seem interested in selling me a pc.unless anyone can tell me any better.blip

  astra46 20:26 24 Feb 2003

I have a Mesh pc and it is excellent.

My order arrived on time, and i have telephoned tech support twice, no problem getting through.

Mesh offer a 3 year onsite warranty. Time do not offer an onsite warranty and their tech support is expensive.

  carver 20:27 24 Feb 2003

Don't just look at the price,think about backup service ,Dell are supposed to be very good and why you haven't heard from them is a mystery,I still get broacher from them even after two years.Mesh produce a very good P/C for the money and their backup has got a lot better,Time if I'm not wrong,have a very expensive helpline, so if you have to contact them it could be very costly, a friend was on to them about his P/C six times for an average 20 Min's each phone-call before his P/C was sent back for repair.
I have a Mesh and at first had nothing but trouble,but they did sort it and when the hard drive went, had a replacement to me in three days.

  blip 20:39 24 Feb 2003

Thanks for your reply i know mesh do a good system, but my worry is that if they cant be bothered to contact me to sell me a pc what hope have i got when it goes wrong?

  blip 20:44 24 Feb 2003

thats 2 reports from mesh owners who have had problems, how can they be good if you have to get a brand new pc repaired?lets see how many i get from time pc owners?lol

  « Ravin » 20:49 24 Feb 2003

well one you can actually get the computer delivered to you i doubt that you'll find a better system than dell. using mine for about 6 months , utter trouble free computing. i didn't have any problems with delivery either.

  « Ravin » 20:51 24 Feb 2003

once not one :o)

i ordered an upgrade to my video card , it was actually faulty when it arrived but they sent an engineer and replaced it within 24 hours. wouldn't you call that good service?

  poet 21:02 24 Feb 2003

I had a Time machine, but the backup support is sadly lacking, and very expensive when you finally get in touch. Imagine a company that sells you a custom-made machine and then expects you to tell them what's on it, well, no prizes...(drumroll>>>>)Time.
My machine is now completely Time-less, only the case remains, after various upgrades. go for Dell, it seems to get good press...

  blip 21:16 24 Feb 2003

i have been offered extra cover warranty for a reasonable price which guarantees Max 5 day repair time, local rate calls and all carriage cost.i know this brings up the price of their pc but it still seems good value

  leo49 21:31 24 Feb 2003

I'd be more concerned to purchase a quality PC in the first place rather than making arrangements to have it repaired if it goes wrong.


  blip 21:51 24 Feb 2003

none of the "quality" pc makers seem interested in selling their pc's to me,what other options do i have?

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