AndyGG 12:21 27 Feb 2004

Dell, Hell

I have recently purchased a Dell DVD/CD-RW Rom for my Dell USFF chassis online from on 1st February. I was told by Dell the expected delivery time would be about 7-10 days, and I am now still waiting for the order to arrive at my door, and it has been 28 days already. The thing is, I emailed the Dell customer care ([email protected]) on 15th February and heard that my order had been despatched to the courier on the 11th , and I have to contact the courier company, the same message had also been shown on Dell’s website ‘my order status’ section. But when I phoned the courier company, I was told that I got to get back to Dell, as the order had not reached them at all.

So I tried to contact Dell customer care division three times last week and this week through email regarding my order status, and sent a couple of complaints through their website, that is 5 messages in total! All I had from them were 'we will reply within 24 hours' automated messages, and heard nothing more.

OK, I have then decided to get them out through the phone, I made three phone calls this week, the only thing I had from customer care was a word "Sorry", and the customer care has never given me a call back as they promised. It seems Dell took my money away and left me with nothing.

I had the same problem before when I made my online purchases through some small web companies. Therefore, I went for and trusted them as I thought Dell is a big and well-known computer company, but the experience I’ve been having so far tells me that my option was totally wrong again. At this point, I am very unsatisfied and disappointed with Dell’s online service and customer care ,they are poor, inefficient, useless and dreadful(I am sorry, Dell, but these are the words came straight up in my mind), and they have not actually despatched my order to the courier!!

Additionally, my mate had some problems with Dell back to 2003 when he ordered a desktop system online from Dell, Dell managed to get his order delivered 2 weeks after the order date (he’s lucky with 2 weeks!), but only with the base unit. ‘Where was the *$&~#! monitor?’ my mate yelled, and his issue ended up with 2 free useless software from Dell. The question here is that how DELL online could stay in today’s competitive computer markets with such a service!?

To make things worse, I have just seen another offer for the same product I’ve been waiting for from Dell with a much lower price and next day delivery service on ebay plus it is brand new!

I want to cancel this order now, but I paid online using my credit card, one of my mate told me it will take ages to get the money back from Dell. So I have no idea what to do… Could anyone tell me?

  rickf 12:35 27 Feb 2004

see this threadclick here

  AndyGG 12:44 27 Feb 2004

I ve just read the article ‘ DELL - WOULD U STAND FOR THIS KIND OF SERVICE?’ by SANAP on Thursday, and I noticed there is a response to SANAP’s article from Dell as following:

"Sanap I would like to have this matter addressed for you. Could you mail [email protected] please with your contact details and order number if possible. and I will have someone contact you regarding this. Please place the words "PCAdvisor forum" prominently in the subject line so that your mail can be identified quickly."

‘With contact details and order number?!’ That’s what exactly I did to them, with more than 3 times. Absolutely lying from Dell I have to say.

My Dell order No is 331177262, and Customer No: GB2906666

  byfordr 15:16 27 Feb 2004

Had a similar problem just before Christmas. Was buying a pc for my parents. Dell promised one date, that date came and passed. Eventually ended up getting it a few weeks later. The tracking system seems to be completely useless. However I phoned them up explained the situation and got a £50 rebate. Ask for one with all the hassle you have had.


  anchor 16:39 27 Feb 2004

The Statute: click here

Cancellation rules, in everyday language:

click here

"You must deliver goods or provide services within 30 days, beginning with the day after the consumer sent an order, unless you agree otherwise with the consumer. If you are unable to meet the deadline, you must inform the consumer before the deadline expires and, unless a revised date is agreed, the consumer must be refunded within a further period of 30 days".

Also here;
click here

see bottom of the page

"Time for Performance (reg 19):
Unless otherwise agreed the contract must be performed within 30 days; otherwise the consumer must be informed and the money paid refunded".

All this assumes that you did not have your PC built to your own specification, as the following exception applies: "the right to cancel does not apply to the following, unless you agree otherwise:- personalised goods or goods made to a consumer's specification".

  SANAP 16:46 27 Feb 2004

AndyGG u have my sympathies and I have been browsing a few boards over the past few days and it is everywhere "DELL HELL". It is unbelievable but TRUE.

My situation is ongoing and I can only hope I get a PC eventually but the problem now is I will be thinking, is it ok, what if bits are missing, what if it don't work and so on. A nightmare.

Send another email with PCADVISOR etc in the subject line, which is what I did and got an automated response followed by a response from customer care but no apology etc. I am putting another bit in my original post.


  SANAP 17:24 27 Feb 2004

Andygg if I was you I would ask for your order details to be erased from your post pronto.


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