SANAP 13:31 26 Feb 2004

I ordered a DELL PC online 17 February and got the usual email confirmation emails and expected delivery DATE etc. Got a call from my CC bank 18th Feb checking it was ok to release money. I joined order watch 18 Feb and sat back to get email notification of my delivery. 19TH Feb got an email saying a further 5% off and had read somewhere that if u pick your system on the net u then ring dell sales you may get a further discount.I was also a pensioner from a big co that dell gave discounts to so I had 3 chances., the 5% email, the haggle on the phone and the employee thing. I rang 19th Feb in the evening and got sales, they said I could get a better deal but not on the existing order ie I would have to cancel, I mentioned the employee thing and was told to ring customer care, rang customer care and was told sales had all the discount details, put back on to sales, and this time the person was keen to sell me PC with same spec at a lower price, not much lower, but I would have to cancel 1st order. I said I would think about it and I was then told he would ring me back with a better offer, he did, but again it was not that great. And I would have to pay again, too risky. I was a bit worried with the pushiness so asked him to give me some more time, about 20 mins, he did and when he rang back I told hime I was staying with original offer. I then cheked credit a/c 23 Feb abd money was taken for PC at the same time tried this ORDER STATUS lark and got message "

"We have located your order but we cannot advise a status, please email Dell Customer Care following the instructions below and we will be in contact with you." I emailed Monday, Tuesday, Wed and got nothing. I rang sales this morning and spoke to another new person and was told " My order was cancelled and no the money was not taken from your account!!" I am actually looking at my cc staement as we spoke showing the DELL transaction!! He agreed to re-instate order and ring me to confirm. As yet no phone call and the order status still says the same message!! I have emailed customer services but as yet nothing. DELL now have my money for a PC that will not be delivered when they said it would, have not pulled the stops out to rectify the situation, may even take more money from my credit card, I have spoken to 3 people in sales, and 2/3 in customer care. If the guy who cancelled my order only told me I could have re-instated it myself.

I dont want anyone coming on here saying this is a Human failing and all that baloney and nothing to do with DELL, they are big and can ***t on us the small people becuse they hide behind machines and have a captive market. If this was a NORMAL company that had made a mistake they would put it right pronto. One can complain all they like but what are the chnaces of my complaint ever getting to MICHAEL DELL zilch. I am left in limbo wondering what will happen, did the person I spoke to this morning know the person who gave me the other quote last week, and who cancelled my order in the hope I would go through him, it sounded like I was talking to an INDIAN call centre on all occasions.

I bet this takes ages to sort and NO ONE will have the guts to accept responsibility.

Maybe PC advisor can have a bit of clout, Imagine cancelling the order without my authority. That person is lucky he does not work for me. Worse for dell that this can be done.



  rickf 14:33 26 Feb 2004

In short, NO. Try trading standards and get in touch with your cc co. Write to PC Mags Helping Hand columns such as PC PRO, Comp Buyer and PCA and let them know about this totally unacceptable treatment.TRy BBC Watchdog also.

  Widows Son 15:10 26 Feb 2004

Under no circumstances would I now take the PC from them.

Rickf's right - take it up with your credit card company.

A reputable company will (especially if you request it) not take payment until despatch.

And whilst not blaming you at all, I would suggest that in future the time to negotiate a discount is prior to placing the order.

  SANAP 15:31 26 Feb 2004

thanks both, I know about getting the discount before despatch but it was only on the spur of the moment I decided to try and with the new email discount I thought they would just reduce the original price. Anyway DELL have just called me to say order has been re-instated with a new order No. so it is just like I ordered today!! Assured me that it is being treated as pre-paid and I wont get billed again. I did ring CC company so they are aware but they also made me aware it would take 6 weeks to get my money back and that is the norm when you pay be cc.

DELL have gone rock bottom in my eyes and will stay there for a very long time. Unfortunately I am stuck with them.


  byfordr 16:08 26 Feb 2004

Why don't you renegotiate with them? They have mucked you around ask for a discount or upgrade. I ordered a Dell for my parents just before Christmas, they changed the delivery date. So I phoned them up complained and got a £50 rebate. If you don't ask you don't get. I have found their Dublin office is generally more competent. Although it was the customer services in India I got the rebate through.


  SANAP 16:46 26 Feb 2004

Funnily enough I asked for a discount in the email I sent but no response to that yet. I have had just now a call from the DELL SURVEY DEPARTEMENT asking for my feedback on my calls to their customer care on 19th Feb but the person ringing me could not give me sufficient detail as to why she was ringing so it was probaly only a machine generated request. She has gone away to double check as I may have given her the impression that I was not going to be too complimentary! The quality of the phone lines with DELL are absolutely awful - like coming from the moon.


  byfordr 17:03 26 Feb 2004

Give them a call, ask for customer services, then when you get a person pitch your case. Mails tend to be ignored.

  Forum Editor 17:21 26 Feb 2004

please do it without the word that you tried to disguise - we don't allow that, and normally your thread would have been deleted because of it.

That said, you have obviously been given a bit of a runaround by the Dell staff you've spoken to. In an attempt to get this sorted out I've contacted Dell on your behalf. With luck we should see some action soon, so stand by - I imagine you'll need to pass on some order details, but do nothing now, except watch your thread and check your email.

  UKI_CUSTOMER_CARE_AT_DELL 11:01 27 Feb 2004

I would like to have this matter addressed for you. Could you mail [email protected] please with your contact details and order number if possible. and I will have someone contact you regarding this. Please place the words "PCAdvisor forum" prominently in the subject line so that your mail can be identified quickly.

  SANAP 11:49 27 Feb 2004


I have emailed all the details as requested.


I would like to apologise for disguising that word and I rarely resort to that type of language but I was LOST for an accurate word to describe the way I was being treated.

And of course you have my sincere thanks and admiration for getting a response from DELL.

I will await developments.


  byfordr 15:12 27 Feb 2004

Ha ha, know the fustration of Dell with some of the Dell customer services (Most are good, just let down by the few)


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