Dell without cables?

  Zebrapec 23:10 05 Oct 2005

I've just heard the strangest thing, a friend of a friend said they had bought a Dell system and got all it said in the advert but there was no cables with the system, not even a power cable! So off they went to PC World and were told that it would cost an extra £200 for the Dell cables, but if they bought the PC Wold cables it would only be £80, but the warrenty would be void! They at PC World, so I was told, also said they get 100's of Dell customers in wanting the cables.
Is this a big scam or is someone spreading malicous gossip about Dell?

  Forum Editor 23:16 05 Oct 2005

I've never heard this story before, and it doesn't sound right at all.

Dell is the world's largest manufacturer of computers, and if 100s of them went out minus the cables I think we would have heard about it by now.

  SANTOS7 23:19 05 Oct 2005

I have just scanned PCworlds cable section for anything to do with Dell Guess what!!! not a deel cable in sight, Why you may ask, because they are ALL belkin or there Value range, you can make your own mind up now!!!
Oh i forgot if you bought a new PC from Dell Where or Who would you phone to get the parts FOC if they were missing DELL!!

  pavvi 23:20 05 Oct 2005

I would be amazed if dell had hundreds of customers supplied with no cables. There are sometimes, I'm sure occasions where cables might be accidently left out, but even then I doubt whether there are any cases where they are all left out....Malicious gossip, I suspect

  spuds 23:32 05 Oct 2005

I think that there may be a little confusion here. Dell do not supply usb cables with their rebadged printers, but they give an option to purchase the usb cables as extras.Would suggest that you can purchased the usb cable much cheaper elsewhere, and by doing so this will not cause any problems with warranty claims.

Regarding the actual desktop computer systems, then Dell supply the necessary cables for connecting the system together ie power, speaker,keyboard, mouse etc.

I would also suggest, that PCW are not the cheapest supplier of cables, and your local computer shop may have a much cheaper selection.

  Stuartli 23:47 05 Oct 2005

Last time I was in PC Word (not by choice) I was after an ADSL splitter.

However, at £15 a pop for the exact same component that I knew I could get elsewhere at just over a third of that price, I made my excuses and left.....

  wiz-king 06:15 06 Oct 2005

We are instaling a new network at work, yesterday I put in the server and seven PC'c all Dell and all came with the cables needed. They did not supply all the cat5 cables, but I would not expect them to as every instalation is different.
No probs with cables here.

  Belatucadrus 13:24 06 Oct 2005

"So off they went to PC World " Why ? the cables (with the possible exception of the USB cable) should have been there, contact Dell and insist politely that they are provided.

PC World also want £14.99 for their own branded 1.8 Mtr USB A-B, ebuyer will charge £1.25 plus delivery for a Belkin. Now I know that PCWorld have their overheads for staffing all these stores, but £14.99 seems to be taking advantage of people who want their otherwise reasonably priced printer to work when they get home, caveat emptor etc.

  Zebrapec 17:44 06 Oct 2005

Okay, thanks, like what has been said, it might be just one case of the cables missing by accident.

  Totally-braindead 19:05 06 Oct 2005

I think a friend of a friend has got things muddled up. Agree with what the others have said, the only cable you wouldn't get that you would need would be the USB printer cable. Its rather stupid but I don't know of a printer manufacturer that supplies their printers with cables as standard.

  jack 20:00 06 Oct 2005

To finalize this I take BeiadDead's comment about
printers sold without data cable - but they do come with power[Epson at any rate]
Mean they say.
Well no really
A printer sold solo it is reanable to expect it will be replacing an existing machine- cable already in place.
Selling a 'package' is something different -all cables should be in the box[s]

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