Dell Warranty opening case

  willp 22:35 23 Jul 2008

Hi, Having recently purchased a Dell Power Edge SC1430 server with win server 2003, I see that I should have added an additional network card so that one could be used for the internet connection and the other for the lan.

My question is will it affect my warranty if I open the case and add the additional card myself and also is there a specific network card I should purchase? The existing network card is a gigabit which I could use for the lan. Do I need to buy a dell card or would any regular manufacturer card suffice? I cannot see a specific card on the dell website.

Many thanks.


  Pamy 22:49 23 Jul 2008

Do Dell make any mention of void warranty if you open the case?

  GaT7 00:51 24 Jul 2008

It's fine to open the case & make changes/upgrades etc - just don't cause any damage in the process of doing so (see below). Many users do it - just look on their forums, especially the Upgrade Hardware section click here.

From the T&C click here

"Dell does not give a warranty guarantee protection for:

- damage caused by incorrect installation, use, modifications or repair by any unauthorised 3rd party or yourself;
- damage caused by any party (except Dell) or other external force;
- fitness for any particular purpose;
- 3rd Party Products, Software and IM specified by you. You will receive the warranty or licence for these products directly from their manufacturer or licensor;
- any instruction given by you and correctly performed by Dell."

I don't think it has to be from purchased from Dell, but it may be best to get another gigabit card. Cheapest I could find is on eBay click here) - confirm compatibility at the Dell forums before purchasing. G

  Pamy 10:56 24 Jul 2008

And take care with static electric. You do not have to see or feel it discharge but can cause untold damge to delicate electronic componnents, that may even take many months to come to light

  ventanas 11:54 24 Jul 2008

I've got nearly 30 Dell machines and all of them were opened during the warranty period.
One I purchased two months ago had a second hdd and two USB2 cards added, then the motherboard failed. An engineer from Dell replaced it without making any remark about the additional components.
So go ahead.

  spuds 13:10 24 Jul 2008

I have found that Dell will allow an open case situation, but be aware, if the warranty is collect and return, then there could be a concern regarding possible faults, especially if 'non-Dell' products are installed.

Also consider that Dell are not the cheapest place for 'extras'.

  willp 13:40 24 Jul 2008

Thank you all for your responses, very useful indeed. Crossbow - I am just trying to confirm compatability of your suggestion at the moment on the dell forums but so far to no avail...

  GaT7 19:17 24 Jul 2008

Look at the part number of the Gigabit card you're using now & do a search on click here.

Failing which, have a look at this: Dell-Power-Edge-SC1430-Spare-Parts click here - lower down it mentions 2 compatible network adaptors:

"Network Cards, Adapters
U3867 Network card, PCIE Copper, Single Port
HF692 Network Card, PCI-E, 5721C1LF"

Both the above are available at click here (Ctrl+F in browser to search quickly)...

HF692 - Item Ref: 1520 = £6.99 (excl VAT & del)

U3867 - Item Ref: 2610 = £34.50 (excl VAT & del)


  FatboySlim71 21:43 25 Jul 2008

I know when I considered a Dell, I wanted to know if they had an open case warranty, however I was unable to get a definite answer.

I contacted Dell to ask them if I would be able to open the case to add for example more memory or change the CD/DVD drive, they told me,

"If you do this work yourself sir then the warranty would be void, we could arrange for one of our engineers to carry out the work and this would keep the warranty intact"

I asked the same question on the Dell forum and got the total opposite answer, basically the forum said that I would be able to do it without voiding the warranty.

In the end I decided not to bother with Dell and went elsewhere.

Good luck with getting a definite answer willp ;-)

  al7478 16:16 26 Jul 2008

FatboySlim71 - i had the same experience. I'll not buy one of their warranties again tho, having read all the T&Cs, it seems a waste of time.

  FatboySlim71 10:58 28 Jul 2008

I'm of the same opinion now regarding extended warranties. I think if you have computer repair shops etc in or near your area then it is just as easy to save the money that the extended warranty would have cost and use it if needs be to pay for the repair locally.

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