Dell warranty horror

  Ellen G 12:50 10 Feb 2011

I bought an extended hardware 'next day on site support' warranty from Dell a year ago and read the terms and conditions. No paperwork excludes the monitor so when the on/off button got stuck, I rang Dell and they arranged a replacement to be couriered tomorrow. Ten minutes later, they rang back to say that monitors are excluded. Dell knows but customers like me do not. All info on warranties, even online, say nothing about excluding monitors. I'm too ill to take them to court. Anyone advise me on a matt 17 inch monitor which can replace it? The one I had was sharp, and height adjustable as well as matt.

  961 14:12 10 Feb 2011

Although the Dell monitor may well exclude the monitor, it might be covered by a warranty from the maker

Can you give the maker's name and model number?

  Ellen G 14:18 10 Feb 2011

Deel monitor excludes the monitor? not sure that makes sense, but suffice to say, my monitor is a Dell 1707PF and everything else was from Dell and sold through Dell.

They are not changing their mind. They won't given me a special deal on a new one.

  Forum Editor 14:55 10 Feb 2011

I've put in a call to the Dell Press Office for some clarification. I checked the 'next day on site' support terms and conditions, and - like you - I can see nothing that excludes the monitor.

There is an exclusion clause for non-Dell peripherals, but your monitor is Dell branded, and it looks to me as if it should be covered I may be wrong, but let's wait to see what Dell has to say.

  MAT ALAN 15:09 10 Feb 2011

click here

might help clarify...

  961 15:24 10 Feb 2011

Sorry, I certainly meant to say "Dell warranty excludes the monitor..."

If the monitor is branded Dell I'm sure the Forum Editor will be able to make some progress

  Ellen G 15:28 10 Feb 2011

I've got the T & Cs for the warranty and there's no restriction to the tower only. Quote does not refer to exclusions either. Terms exclude a number of items, e.g. batteries, printer cartridges, but unless my eyes deceive me, the monitor is in. The website also defines next day on site support as incuding the monitor. Legally, (called Which?) they're breaching the Customer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations as well as the Supply of Extended Warranties and Domestic Goods order. Even with hard disc and memory issues, they were reluctant to come around the next day. They sent me the components and required me to install.

Engineer told me one can repair on/off button so that on site support should have resulted in an engineer's visit. I like Dell but am shocked by the technical support department.

  spuds 16:05 10 Feb 2011

Leave it to the FE to sort out.

Reading from the above link, it would appear that there are some slight discrepancies in possible relation to UK consumer law. One particular item seems to state 'You may not extend the warranty after the point of sale'. I could be wrong, but I thought this was now an open option for 7/30 days?.

Dell and myself had a good working/business relationship at one time, but they finally failed the test when they would not honour discount codes and advert specifications.

  wjrt 21:54 10 Feb 2011

you do not say how old the monitor is . having looked at the dell site the monitors I have checked all come with a 3 year warranty which from what other manufacturers of monitors seems to be standard
click here

  Ellen G 07:37 11 Feb 2011

Dear wjrt,

In my first post, I noted that I had an extended warranty. It's for hardware, next day onsite support and valid till March 2012. Nowhere in the Dell lit I was sent does it refer to 'tower' only. Indeed, online, it invites me to extend my warranty again. Dell define 'next day onsite support' as incuding the monitor. According to Consumer Direct, they breached the contract with me. Too ill to fight a court case, so Goliath has won. Problem is, I won't be the only person who suddenly finds that their warranty doesn't cover what they think it does and have to pay for something new. Three laws relate to this actually. I suspect they might not be aware of UK contract law etc in India. Or the terms changed and they don't accept I signed off an another contract. Whatever, I've suddenly realised how vital a good monitor is. Need one good for text, matt (not reflective), height adjustable and small. No room on desk for those super 24 inch ones.

  Forum Editor 11:08 11 Feb 2011

They want to deal with you directly on this. Please email me with your full name, and an email address that I can pass to Dell's Press Office. They will then take the matter further.

It would be good if you can get the information to me before the weekend.

Contact me at: [email protected]

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