Dell Vs Medion

  coyw 22:45 16 Feb 2010

Hi this is my 1st post and am hoping you can help me decide between 2 PC's which i mainly want to use for email, word, photos, films etc. I wont be using it for many games except football manager 2010. The first machine is this dell

click here

and the second is a Medion on the left of this page click here

What do you think is the best deal considering the Medion doesnt come with a monitor?

One of the things i am worried about is that the Medion comes with 32 bit Windows 7 whereas the dell comes with 64 bit. Is this going to cause me problems in the future?

Is the i3 processor on the Medion alot better than the dells processor?

Am i correct in thinking I wont be able to upgrade the Medions Ram more than the supplied 3GB as it will be running Windows 7 32bit?

Any advice on my purchase would be much appreciated. My budget is £450 but thought the Medion looked a very good deal even without a Monitor. (Ive got an old one i can use)


  Jameslayer 23:02 16 Feb 2010

click here

is this the one u are refering to?

  coyw 23:13 16 Feb 2010

Yeah, sorry thats the Medion in the link you provided.

  ame 01:09 17 Feb 2010

According to click here the i3-530 has a ranking of 111 whereas the Core 2 Duo E7500 has a ranking of 162, so the i3 is faster. You can add up to 4gb of RAM in the 32 bit system but Windows will only see 3.2 to 3.5gb. I have 3gb in my XP desktop plus a 1gb graphics card and I doubt if I would see much of an improvement if any by adding the extra 1gb. Presumably the mobo will take more than 4gb (haven't looked - not obvious from the above site) but you'd need to buy the 64 bit os to make a real difference when you upgraded. That said, upgrading is not always the way to go - buying another pc in 3 to 5 years time may be more cost-effective as technology moves on.

  [email protected] 02:37 17 Feb 2010

that any Windows license key is valid for both the 32 and 64 bit versions of the OS, so if you purchased the Medion computer, and were able to borrow a 64-bit Windows 7 DVD, then you could install it using the product key provided with the computer. It would of course involve wiping the hard drive partition and reinstalling everything else too (i.e. drivers and applications), although that isn't too big a deal.

Of the two you've listed, I think the Median has a better spec, but I'm led to believe that getting hold of one of these machines from Aldi can prove rather difficult!

  canarieslover 08:28 17 Feb 2010

Do some Googling on after sales support on both companies. I bought a Medion last year and the graphics failed a month ago, fine it's under warranty. Only thing is that they arranged pick-up two days later and I have not seen it since. The old complaint, 'They don't write, they don't call'. I am about to chase them again today, 27 days after pick-up. On that basis I'm not sure that I would reccomend the Medion to anybody.

  Input Overload 09:04 17 Feb 2010

Support/Repair for DELL used to be excellent. I haven't used it lately so maybe a someone who has more recent experience will post regarding recent support.

  canarieslover 09:12 17 Feb 2010

Update on my posting. Medion informed me, when I rang them, that that my computer was showing on their system as still under repair and have no real idea as to when I will get it back. Be warned!!!!

  coyw 10:34 17 Feb 2010

The thing is i went into Aldi's yesterday and was suprised to see one of the medions left! Normally they all go on the 1st day of sale and that was two weeks ago! I purchased it cos i thought i could always take it back if i change my mind so am no searching the web to see if there is a better deal out there.

  961 10:52 17 Feb 2010

click here

If I were going the Dell route, I'd go for this (business) spec instead, giving you W7 professional 32 bit, & faster processor. Consider buying a ATI 4350 graphics card separately for about £30. Easy to install.

Dell service, by and large, is excellent, and the above spec provides one year on site for peanuts. Support for the business range is good and there is a "chat live" system on the web site which provides instant access without any call centre accents etc

The i3, i5, i7 processors are newer and can be had on some Dell models, but the Core 2 duo 8400 I have in my Dell is fast, quiet and uses little power

I wouldn't go 64 bit windows yet. It introduces complications with software you do not need unless you are after mega fast games or video that require loads of memory. 3gb of ram is just fine with 32 bit

Wait for weekend press/internet offers from Dell and you'll invariably get a cheaper price and free delivery

Don't know much about the medion but, as you can see above, dealing with a faulty computer bought from a box shifter retailer can be difficult

Buy a 24" widescreen monitor (BenQ G2420HD) for about £150 from Dabs etc

  961 10:57 17 Feb 2010

Seen your latest post. Don't open the software discs etc if you aim to take it back and, ideally, don't unwrap the computer. If it looks like it's been used, they may be picky

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