dell - time to take the to court

  skaria 23:08 24 Dec 2004

in dec 2002 i bought a dell dimension 8250 with 1 yr next day support. i realised in august this year that they had put the wrong graphics card in my pc. after sppending literally 50 hours talking to various people and being pusheed around ive been dealing with vaseem ahmed, ps all their support centers are in banglore. they say that we are out warranty. they have not given us the card we payed 90 pounds xtra for. we have got a 30 pound one. this is surely a breach of contract. they have then had the guts to say they will give us a 10% discount. i refused. after saying that i knew the india ceo rumi malhotra as i have spoken to him, he said he will get back to me by 29th dec. if not i would appreciate if u coul tell me ur views. should i speak to the credit card company or something else? thanks in advance. merry xmas

  sicknote 23:20 24 Dec 2004

address for official complaints is: Mr.Aongus Hegarty MD for UK & Ireland
Dell Customer Relations, Boghall Road, Bray. Co. Wicklow, Ireland. fax.: UK 01344317040. EIRE 012040769

  Forum Editor 23:23 24 Dec 2004

you bought this computer two years ago, and over one and a half years later you realised that it had the wrong graphics card. I assume you have some form of documentary confirmation to show that you ordered a more expensive card?

You say that Dell have promised to get back to you by 29th December - I suggest that you wait to see what they say, and if you are still not satisfied then come back to this thread and tell us.

  Starfox 23:25 24 Dec 2004

I think you have left it too long,it's far too late now to complain saying that you were given the wrong specifications an I think that taking them to court will be a further waste of your time and money,I know this is not what you want to hear but I think,as I said,it's far too late.

  skaria 00:20 25 Dec 2004

thanks, ill come back with the reply

  Smegs 01:11 25 Dec 2004

I'm sorry to say this, but after a year and half, you have just discovered the wrong G/Card.

Did you not check this when the PC was delivered??

I don't think taking them to court will help you in any way. How do Dell know, after 1.5 years, you haven't put another card in???

Sorry, Merry Christmas.

  g0nvs 07:35 25 Dec 2004

How come it took you 2 years to find out Dell had allegedly supplied the wrong card ? .....Beats me.

  skaria 10:09 25 Dec 2004

i had not checked inside the pc; they have a seal to see if you have opened the card. luckily they have not asked about that

  ened 10:40 25 Dec 2004

I would be interested to know if you get a response from Mr Hegarty, because I had terrible problems with Dell (within 2 days - not 2 years)and eventually managed to get his name from someone.

He never replied and Dell lost what would have been thousands of pounds of follow up business.

  CurlyWhirly 11:02 25 Dec 2004

I had not checked inside the pc; they have a seal to see if you have opened the card. luckily they have not asked about that

There is *no* need to open the PC as if you download and run Everest Home Edition it will tell you what graphics card you have in your PC!
click here

  skaria 12:04 25 Dec 2004

i have checked using the device manager and the dell website which scans ur pc. i have the geforce mx420 (£30) when i should have the 128mb ati radeon 9700 tx (i payed £90 extra)

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