DEll taken over from Time? Not Likely

  acfc 09:40 21 Jun 2003

I ordered a new Dell PC during a recent promotion offering free delivery and an upgrade to a 15' TFT monitor.

As this was going to be Networked to our main PC and used mainly for e mail/word processing etc the basic spec and 2.2GHz Celeron did not concern me ~ so at just £441 inc VAT & Delivery I snapped it up (I did buy an extra 256Mb Ram from Crucial for £25 rather than pay Dell £80).

Dell suggested delivery would be 14 days however it was delivered in just 7 days with the carrier arranging the date directly with me. The online tracking showed every move the boxes made from factory to house!

Everything was included as per spec, instructions and backup CDs (including recovery CD at no extra charge of course ~ Time take note!)and full manual.

I put it together, switched it on and it worked ~ no additional XP registration or loading of software. No phoning the helpline it just worked!

As I was fitting the additional RAM I noticed everything inside was neat & tidy and no problems with stretched cables or blocked expansion cards.

I may just be lucky, but for me Dell has performed and I would certainly buy from them again.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:52 21 Jun 2003

Dell are probbaly the major supplier to businesses in the world. They did not get there and they do not stay there by producing second-rate machines. Most complaints about retailers and manufacturers are usually a miniscule percentage of the overall sales and it is eay to get influenced by these.


  acfc 10:07 21 Jun 2003


I agree and have used Dell PC at work for years with no significant problems. However Time supply to consumers and in far fewer numbers than Dell, yet it would appear from messages here and friends comments they frequently fail to deliver the product or services expected.

Considering the difference in numbers supplied the % of complaints about Dell is as you said miniscule, which was my reason for writing in response to the original 'DEll taken over from Time' posting.

  Belatucadrus 11:29 21 Jun 2003

We also had Dell machines at work, well made and very reliable. Where Dell are reported to have had problems was on support for home users, the infrastructure wasn't as good as their excellent set up for business accounts. But having said that they shift huge volumes and nobodys perfect, I doubt there is any PC manufacturer that hasn't had things go pear shaped on occasion.

  bfoc 17:44 21 Jun 2003

Have had a Dell machine in the past and was pretty pleased with it.

But the majority of complaints about Dell recently have been about sorting problems when something does go wrong rather than any generic problems with the machines. Given the number of PC's they shift even a 5% failure rate would produce large volumes of problems, especially if then 10% of those are not sorted quickly.

To be fair to Dell, they have, in the press, accepted that their customer service since it was 'centralised' in India has been below par and they are taking steps to put it right.

  tuff guy 01:40 25 Jun 2003

See my post for Dell problems. Whatever steps they are taking, one forward two back, are not working.
Max (Tuff Guy )

"To be fair to Dell, they have, in the press, accepted that their customer service since it was 'centralised' in India has been below par and they are taking steps to put it right."

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