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  Welsh_Chris 23:46 12 Jul 2008


I wasn't sure where to put this query, so hopefully it's the right place.

I'm looking to get a laptop and stumbled across this:

click here

I've restrained from buying from Dell in the past since a couple of friends have had difficulties with them, particularly the battery life. It looks like too good a deal to miss though.

Will the laptop be covered under the Sale of Goods Act? That would provide some reassurance, especially if the batteries aren't too great.

Thoughts and opinions would be really appreciated. I tried to find a review of it on the site but didn't have much luck!

  rdave13 00:20 13 Jul 2008

Depending how you use your laptop I'd take advantage of the sale price and get the 9 cell battery for the extra 100 squids. Desktop replacement then wouldn't bother. S.O.G.A. applies.

  GaT7 00:38 13 Jul 2008

If you can wait for a discount voucher/code* to come along, it'll be worth using a 10% one, & Quidco (click here) to get a further 4% cashback.

On a £600 (incl VAT & del) laptop that could mean an overall discount of ~£70-75, which would go a long way to paying for a better battery. G

* They do exist & crop up from time to time - see my post of Fri, 16/05/[email protected]:28 in this thread click here. Keep an eye on this site click here for one

  Welsh_Chris 08:51 13 Jul 2008

Thanks rdave13 and Crossbow7, just a few wee questions left though.

1. Would you get extended warranty, or would SOGA cover me for the next few years?

2. Is the "Dell Wireless 1510 Half Mini Card (802.11n)" any good? The last laptop I bought a few years ago had rubbish wireless (I needed to be in the same room as the router whilst friends in the flat upstairs could get it from me no problem).

3. Will Vista be slow at this spec? (Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T8300 (2.4 GHz, 800 MHz FSB, 3 MB L2 Cache and 4096MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [2x2048] etc) Friends with new laptops are reverting back to XP because it's running so slow for them.

Thanks again for all your help!

  Welsh_Chris 18:54 14 Jul 2008


  GaT7 19:37 14 Jul 2008

1. Extended warranties usually incur an extra charge (details on the Dell website).

2. Not sure about this, but a WiFi signal amplifier/booster may help if you have difficulties. A cheap WiFi dongle may help too.

3. "....slow for them" - I think that's important - 'slow' can be relative & differs between people. I find Vista slow compared to XP with just about any spec!

If you go for a Vostro laptop (usually Dell Business site only), you get the option of having XP Pro installed & a Vista 'upgrade' disk for £10 more.

E.g. click here

"Genuine Windows® Vista™ Business (SP1) with XP Pro installed and Vista Media - English [add £10.00]

For those requiring Windows ® XP Professional now and the option to install Windows Vista in the future"

Buying from the Business site has a few advantages & disadvangates.

Also post your queries in the Dell forums click here - they may be able to give you better advice. G

  Welsh_Chris 22:10 14 Jul 2008

Thanks Crossbow7!

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