Dell-so far so good

  fly2hi 00:13 29 May 2005

I've always been a bit anti-dell, a bit like buying from a supermarket. Prefer to build my own or have it custom built so I know what I'm getting. When the wife wanted something for the kids to use, price became an issue, so I relented and we ordered a dimension 3000. Ordered on Friday, arrived following Thursday. I don't know why I put it together myself, my 10 year old could have done it. With all the software preloaded there's really nothing technical to do, it found the wireless network ok and was up and running in about 10 minutes. I'm not really concerned about the upgrade problems, a couple of years time it will be just as cheap to buy a complete new system. So, fingers crossed, it looks like a good buy, if it's not, I'll let you know.

  Monument 09:45 29 May 2005

The largest computer manufacturer in the world sells a computer without problem.

  spuds 18:44 29 May 2005

Did you get free delivery and ram upgrade. Dell offers these on a regular basis, especially on the Dimension range.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:00 29 May 2005

"Shock horror....

The largest computer manufacturer in the world sells a computer without problem."

Well actually it is good to hear from someone who represents the vast majority, those who buy a new pc from a major manufacturer which works just as it should. Usually we only hear from the tiny minority who have major problems, some of whom cause their own problems but either don't realise it or simply won't admit it.

  fly2hi 23:07 29 May 2005

Dear Monument, sorry if it came across as stating the obvious, like "I bought a new Ford and it started first time!"

Fact is, if you analysed all the posts in this forum, I would hazard a guess that more are anti Dell than pro Dell. To a first time buyer this may be a real turn off, even given that they are the largest manufacturer in the world. I know that my own opinion was swayed by a lot of the negative posts. I guess it's a fact of life that we only shout about the bad times. Had I formed a different opinion a couple of years back, I may well have save a few thousand quid.

Spuds...Yes we got the ram upgrade, but not the free delivery. can't win em all.

Mr Mistoffelees..glad you agree!

  Pooke100 00:30 30 May 2005

My brother swears by Dell, he's only ever owned Dell machines, and has never had a faulty one.

This one was built for me at a local PC shop but I am looking a second system and Dell looks like the best for price and reliabilty.


  fitcher 12:00 30 May 2005

I have built every compouter I have owned since 95 ..but I have just bought a high performance laptop from dell and I am pleased with it .now my days of upgrading and building are over .I will buy a bare bones system next time .because I can not keep up with motherboard changes and processor changes .and I can buy the latest technology as it comes out .manufacturers are allways the first to produce machines with new technology ...

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