Dell - Service! -This is a joke!!!

  Brundy 12:06 29 Sep 2004

I'm sorry to vent my anger here, especially as I already put in a previous post here today & replied to [email protected]'s, but the situation now is unbelievable!

Just to recap - We have an Dell Inspiron 8100 with a 3yr next business day onsite warranty.
Rang Dell technical support 13th Sept 04 who confirmed a new graphics card was required. We were given a service status ref no. A technician arrived the following day, unfortunately that card was also faulty! so a new one was ordered.

That was over 2 weeks ago, during which I have called technical support (india) several times to find out as to when a new card would be available. All they could say was that they had 'flagged' the case as 'urgent' & 'high priority' & would contact me when a part was available.

This computer is an integral part of our business & has been inoperable for over 2 weeks!

Now, to cap it all - have just received a phone call fron India to say that the original call ref(13th Sept)has been automatically cancelled! & a new one placed!! (with, presumably all the logs of my calls)

So, here we go again!! Back to square one

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!!


  Mike D 14:35 29 Sep 2004


The trouble is that it is no joke. I waited over 2 weeks for my next day business service. I did e-mail [email protected] and, whilst I had no response directly from that, I did get a senior manager in India to look at my problem (a fire seemed to have been lit under him) and I did eventually get a replacement monitor.

I manage an IT training company and have recommended Dell in the past, this soured the relationship. Even more worrying is the number of my clients who have told me of problems with both delivery and service from Dell.

  Brundy 15:25 29 Sep 2004

Thanks Mike,
I also tried [email protected] but the message was returned.

We are at a complete loss as to what to do next to get this matter resolved.

Incidentally, the 'Dell' technician who rang me this morning asked me if I was completely happy with the service I had received!!!.... I nearly exploded!
But there was no point getting angry with him as I think they are very limited in what they can do. He did at least say he would 'log' my complaints.

  961 16:44 29 Sep 2004

You are not alone. Try typing " bad service dell " into google

It is all very sad, especially since Dell were supposed to be making valiant efforts to improve service a few months ago after many bad experiences reported here. However, if you are in business, then it's not just sad, it can be serious in the extreme

I've recommended Dell on many occasions. I can't help feeling that call centres in the sub continent are a no-no for me, especially with something like a computer. For fast response on-site service I suppose a local business is the answer but how you go about finding, and keeping, a good engineer I just don't know.

Who else you recommend among the major suppliers leaves me at a loss as well. It's my view that competition now is so intense that no one can afford proper service standards any more, and if a component such as a graphics card fails, and does so in numbers resulting in out of stock situations with long lead times, the customer ends up in serious bother. The other problem with specially constructed systems like Dell, where components are specially designed and sometimes soldered in to the mobo, is that only Dell can fix it.

I suggested the other day that contacting the forum editor may produce a result. Alternatively, try the Consumerwatch section of the magazine

  Brundy 19:40 29 Sep 2004

Do you suppose, as Dell took it upon themselves to cancel my original service request (13th sept) & give me a new service request, whatever they'd like to call it, (29th sept)that as we have the 3yr next business day on-site, a technician should call tomorrow! .... should be interesting as I know from speaking to technical support that a graphics card is still unavailable.
Would they then be in breach of the warranty conditions??
If a technician does not contact us tomorrow I will definitely take your advice & try contacting the forum editor.
This situation makes a complete nonsense of the warranty!!

  [email protected] 16:15 30 Sep 2004

Brundy, you want the Escalation Team, it was only after speaking to them that I got an ETA on my server.

The trick is getting to them. There is no direct number, if you call tech support they should be able to patch you through (if you talk to them nicely ;)

In the mean time, if it was me, I'd buy a cheap vga card to put into your machine until the Dell card finally arrives. It may be worth the expense - and you could always sell it on ebay when you are done with it!

  Brundy 10:50 01 Oct 2004

Thanks for the advice [email protected], have once again been on the phone to Dell...apparently, because Dell had taken it upon themselves to 'log' a new service call on the 29th, a technician should according to the guy I spoke to, have arrived at our office the following day, (3yr next business day onsite) the part having been dispatched! Or so he thought, he then left me on hold for sereral minutes, & then came back with the same old news.... part unavailable!
I was then put through to the departments 'manager', who agreed that a 3 week wait was totaly unacceptable, & he would mail 'consumer relations' to find out if there was any compensation they would allow... His suggestion, not mine. Also he would find out if there was an alternative card they could fit in the laptop. (the faulty card is the Radeon 7500)

Throughout all this, I have remained polite & reasonably calm, & asked him as you suggested if he would kindly put me through to the escalation team & he said there was no such thing. There obviously is, as you've spoken to them, & I know the moderator who tried helping me on the 'Dell Community Forum' e-mailed them.

I am at a complete loss as to how I can get this resolved, & I'm sorry to have ranted on so much, but I'm soooo angry with Dell, they make all these promises & I know from previous experience that the 'next day onsite' does work when they have the part. But in this case, when they dont, well, who knows!!
I give up

  961 19:30 01 Oct 2004

Don't give up

Ask them if an ordinary Radeon graphics card can be fitted or if the one they use is specially soldered in

If an ordinary one will do, get one from PCWorld and fit it yourself, or get a local PC engineer to fit one and then claim

It's all nonsense really

You know it

I know it

But do they?

  Brundy 20:43 01 Oct 2004

961..... I asked the technician the same question this morning, as he was suggesting they replace the Radeon card with a different make, I think he said (had trouble understanding the technician in India)that the Inspiron 8100 was too old a model to upgrade components easily.

Would that mean, if they cant replace the graphics card on this particular model, that they should replace the laptop with a newer model??

Either way, we will have to wait until mon.... 3 weeks on from my first call!!

  961 14:37 02 Oct 2004

If they will replace with a different make that they have in stock, and do it quickly, why not?

I don't think you will, for most things, notice the difference, and if it gets the thing working you can argue about the difference in performance later

If they can get an engineer on site on Monday with a card and get the thing working then do it!

  Forum Editor 16:58 02 Oct 2004

Dell to comply with the next business day warranty term if the part is unavailable - they can't produce a graphics card from nowhere. You certainly aren't entitled to a new laptop, that's for sure.

I agree with 961 - if there's another type of graphics card in stock, and it's compatible with your machine then you should accept that option - otherwise you might be in for an even longer wait. It may not be an ideal solution, but it seems to be the best option as things stand.

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