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  harps1h 19:10 29 Dec 2008

I bought a Dell Inspiron 1525 with home call support for my daughters christmas present. When she switched it on the screen appeared normall, but after a while the screen became multi coloured and it is obvious there is a loose cable or a faulty graphics chip on the motherboard. I phoned Dell Customer Support on Boxing Day and was amswered straight away. There the support engineer took control of the laptop and looked at the settings and downloaded/installed new drivers. This of course was the prescribed script and after she asked me to take off the keyboard and reseat the cable. this made no difference, she told me an engineer would phone me on Monday (today) and arrange a repair on Tuesday. In todays market as a cynic I took this promise with a pinch of salt, but to my pleasant surprise an engineer did phone and arranged a repair for tomorrow.

Just to add the normal cost of this package is £44 I think and I had only opted for the basic rtb warranty. However the customer services rep offered the home call for an extra £5.00 instead. I now consider this to be the best value for £5.00.
However time will tell if the repair will go smoothly. At this point I am very confident.

  ventanas 21:54 29 Dec 2008

And you have every reason to be so. Dell will fix it. In my experience, over many years dealing with Dell, there support has been excellent, despite what you may read to the contrary.

  ventanas 21:54 29 Dec 2008

there = their.

  STREETWORK 09:10 30 Dec 2008

My Dell XPS was out of warrentee when it developed a fault, Dell sorted this out for me over the phone and also sent me a replacement ram card, Dell, delightfull...

  Binnacle 16:32 30 Dec 2008

I have found their support to be excellent.My Son is about to order a desktop from Dell as a result of my experience.

  harps1h 19:23 30 Dec 2008

To update you all.

The engineer did indeed call and replaced the lcd and cabling.

my daughter is at ladt enjoying a gloriously bright laptop with a perfect screen. it is a resounding 10 out of 10 for Dell. Many other suppliers would do well to follow their lead

  Al94 19:57 30 Dec 2008

That has exactly been my kind of experience with Dell over the years - I wouldn't buy anything else. And, in fairness, most of the issues have been family laptops where the degree and style of usage would have been a contributory factor.

  Kaacee 11:41 31 Dec 2008

I also experienced excellent customer service from Dell when my laptop developed a keyboard fault, even though it was out of warranty, they supplied me with a new keyboard and talked me through installing it, which even for a novice like me was very easy.

5* service in my opinion, other companys would do well to learn from them.

  spuds 13:06 31 Dec 2008

Dell must be good, because in the commercial world many companies including government (local and national) use Dell products, and that in itself would be an high recommendation.

But can I put a question about Dell sales and service. A number of years ago, Dell started to receive some very bad comments, and the then (might still be there!) CEO make it clear that he could be contacted personally regarding complaints. After that spell, things improved drastically, but can I ask if Dell are perhaps getting complaisant, and returning to the past!.

The reason that I ask this question, is possibly through my latest dealings with Dell, and their sales techniques. Over the years I have made many purchases of Dell products or 'Dell' re-badged products, and all have served their purpose well. Never had to really ask for service or support on these many purchases. But recently I tried to make a (what I thought) simple purchase of a Dell laptop on-line (as usual) and that experience was very concerning. Not only could I not purchase the item, with various discount codes or advertised offers on-line, I had to contact dell via land-line (even that failed, as Dell's overseas communications network went down for a while). This in itself was a true trial of confusion, with three return telephone call from Dell trying to make a sale on improved but less promising terms. In the end I simply gave up, and went straight to Ebuyer, who not only provided information, but also provided extras and next day free delivery. My main problem with Dell on this occasion, was that Dell wanted £60.00 for delivery, and in later discussion reduced the delivery charge to £30.00, yet I had a code for free delivery that Dell was not prepared to accept. To me, that affair left a very bitter taste and experience, on how a past or potential future customer should not have been dealt with.They lost a sale, and perhaps more!.

  harps1h 14:03 31 Dec 2008

to counteract spuds last post, the service i received from dell sales was excellent. what prompted me to phone them was the fact that as this was a first order with them i needed confirmation that they would deliver to an alternative address. ie, my wifes work address as this was a christmas gift for my daughter. the account manager assigned to me when i called informed me it was no problem and then went through my order to see if there was any further changes. at this point i thought i was happy with the fact that i had added a further 1GB of ram, but the girl told me to scrap that and change the processor to the pentium from celeron and would get a better performance for same money. it was at this point she offered the above best value for £5.00.

sorry spuds maybe you were unlucky, but personally for a first time customer this was a very good experience and i will be back to them

  spuds 15:56 31 Dec 2008

As you say, its your first time buy from Dell, and as I pointed out, I have made many successful and pleasant purchases from Dell over the years.Even their regular carrier and delivery company WW get praise from me, when others have made bad comments about them. It was this last experience of dealing with the overseas sales that tarnished their image on the selling side. The sales rep wanted to make a sale, and that is why he telephoned me back on three rapid repeat occasions. The only problem was the fact that this person would not or could not honour (even after consulting a manager?) a free delivery code, and I was not prepared to pay £60.00 for delivery.

To me there is no point in Dell supplying their 'special and valued' customer with time limited voucher codes,as they do on frequent occasions. Then trying to haggle over their value, because the rep couldn't find that particular code number or substitute another. Most, if not all Dell products have different pricing codes for the same product, which can make great savings,depending on the promotion or Dell outlet.

I am usually a very placid and understanding person, but on that occasion of spending nearly a whole morning trying to spend my hard earned on a laptop, I simply gave up with total frustration. Within twenty minutes after that event, Ebuyer had conducted a most satisfactory deal, and the business was concluded the next day, with the delivery of a new laptop and a number of extras.The Dell rep did try to improve on the deal, but by that time it was to late, Ebuyer had got the order.

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