Dell sales ploys

  Momokichi 06:53 04 Feb 2006

I rang Dell yesterday to enquire about buying a new system, as I have read some good reviews of Dell on this forum.
I was in for a bit of a surprise.
The sales guy immediately put me on to the most expensive desktop system out of those advertised in PCPro, which was my main guide. That, despite the fact that I only want it for normal office use (word processing, etc.) and to play music on (i.e. no games). Furthermore, the prices were higher than in the magazine, although it was the February 2006 issue.
This was all very well, and I did not mind really. But then I asked about the 'buy now - pay in one year's time' scheme. They asked for a lot of details over the phone, and then said they would ring back in 15 minutes. Four hours later they called to say my application for credit had been declned. Perhaps it would be better to pay them by credit card there and then?
I was amazed. I know that credit can be declined these days for odd reasons, but I have an exemplary record, am a house owner, have 8 years of accounts running my own business, and I had just been issued with a credit card from a new (to me ) company! I told them there must be something wrong, and said I was no longer interested. (The pay-later scheme is something I have always gone with when buying computers).
30 minutes later they rang back and said that there had been a mistake and that my application for credit had been approved, although it would cost me an additional £48 if I used the scheme. I said I would think about it.
Any comments? Is that some kind of scam to get you to pay up front?

  pc_sausage 08:42 04 Feb 2006

I rang in December to find out how much a system would be without the monitor (as you can't do this online).

After literally speaking to ten different people I was eventually given a price; when I said I'd go away and think about it I was given lots of hassle about "why aren't you going to buy it now?", "it may not be that price another day" etc.

Tone was rather agressive and helped to put them on the "Don't buy" list for myself.

  keewaa 10:47 04 Feb 2006

Price are up as January sale has just ended, wait a few weeks. For your use the bottom of the range would work fine, usually available on line for about £250 CRT or £350 17" flat screen.

Dell is basically;
Know the site and the way they work and get a bargain,
Don't know and you'll pay alot more.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:51 04 Feb 2006

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  spuds 11:13 04 Feb 2006

I get quite a number of special mailings and offers from Dell. In the main,there are some very good bargains, especially if you have the special codes available. Savings on the same model, can range to a £100.00+ saving at times.

The finance deal that Dell offers, need careful inspection, as it would appear to offer an interest free solution to purchasing a Dell system. But if my observations are correct, there appears to be an administration fee added (perhaps £48.00), which I would suspect covers the 'interest free' element.I was going to purchase a Dell system with this financing deal,but when I observed this admin/handling charge, I decided the deal was not for me.I am a great believer, that if an item is suggesting that the finance is interest free,then it should be exactly that, and not with additional administration costs.

  Kate B 18:20 04 Feb 2006

The February issue of a computer magazine isn't the current one - for some mad reason they are dated at least six weeks in advance, so the prices won't be current.

Of course they're going to try and convince you to buy a more expensive machine: they're a business out to maximise their profits.

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