Dell returns courier disaster and woes....

  JonMitchell 22:10 18 Nov 2016

Hi folks

I was wondering if I may get some advise from you guys, if possible.

I bought a Dell desktop PC direct from Dell ~6 months back, but it was delivered damaged by Dell's local courier, so I called Dell to come and collect the damaged desktop for a replacement. But it took them ages, almost a phone call to Dell everyday for more than 2 weeks, to respond and finally I called and told them to collect the units and provide a full refund.

Dell finally, after 5months, from when I first contacted them, arrange collection from their side and the desktop was collected. But almost a month after their collection was completed, Dell contacted me via email and said instead of a desktop that they should receive, they had received a laptop from me instead! Before anyone raised any eyebrows if I am at fault, the desktop weighs around 15kg. The laptop Dell mentioned they received is only 2kg. I can't believe this big discrepancy where Dell is asking me why I send a laptop, of which I never had in the first place.

I called the courier who came to pick up the unit and they have registered 10kg on their system, which is another discrepancy. All the math doesn't stack up along the courier transition to end.

Therefore from (A - collection from my side of 15kg) thru to courier warehouse (weigh 10kg, have Dell instructed them a unit weight of 10kg to save costs? I don't know) then to Dell depot (B - and after almost 1 month after receipt, they received a 2kg item????)

I had called Citizen Advice to seek advice and been told about - Consumer Rights Act 79 - ADR etc

From my layman term, I would like some advice from kind folks of what I can do?

a.) In the case if Dell still insist they received a laptop, how will I be liable or am I liable ? I am not sure how they are going to explain the weight discrepancy going through the courier transition

b.) Citizen Advice says I may need to prove what I send? However, Dell is the one who arrange collection and somehow stupidly I trusted their arrangement. Does the collection proof of receipt suffice much?

c.) Is there any place or dept that I can raise this issue against Dell's incompetency on their courier logistics? But trying their luck to possibly seek compensation from customers?

Would appreciate any advise from kind souls to help me lessen this grievance I am facing with Dell.

  Burn-it 16:03 19 Nov 2016

Did you record, or do you have a recod of the service tag of the machine you bought. It should be on any invoices you originally got from Dell. Do you have a record of the fact that Dell were to collect and repair that machine??

If you have the tag, what does looking up that tag on the Dell site show.

  JonMitchell 07:33 21 Nov 2016

Hi Burn-it

I do have the service tag of the unit and also email correspondence with the Dell customer care team that they were coming to collect the unit back to Dell. In the email, I have specifically asked them what arrangements they were making and had confirmation that they were coming to collect with that particular courier reference number.

I did a check on Dell website in re to the service tag just now and its showing No Information Available. Was wondering if you have other suggestions?

  wee eddie 10:29 21 Nov 2016

If I were you I would use my phone to photograph the damage and the steps as you take as pack it for return. Then email them those photos before it is picked up.

  alanrwood 10:37 21 Nov 2016

Wee eddie

The OP does not have the computer. It was collected by Dell's courier and appears to have been swapped with another package in transit.

  Forum Editor 11:22 21 Nov 2016

Presumably, Dell did not send you a returns label?

From what you say, you have a reference number from them, and that will relate to your machine in their records. It is not your job to deal with the courier concerned, you had no contract with that company. Dell employs the courier, and it is for Dell to deal with them when something goes wrong.

You will have been supplied with a collection receipt by the courier, and that is all you need. Tell Dell that it is not your problem - you handed their courier your computer, and you have a receipt for it. When you call or email them, say that you have asked us for advice, and tell them what I have said.

If Dell refuses to acknowledge its liability in this matter, please let us know via this thread, and then email me at [email protected] to let me know. I will then contact you for relevant information, and will take the matter up with the company on your behalf.

  JonMitchell 14:06 21 Nov 2016

Dear Forum Editor

Thank you for the advice. I have written to the relevant dept at Dell to explain what happened and had let them know.

To be honest, I am totally gobsmacked that a collected desktop can miraculously transformed to a laptop from collection to reception end.

Thanks again Forum Editor, I will let you know once they come back with something.

@Wee Eddie - When the unit first arrived, the photos for the damages were emailed to Dell. As for the collected unit, I had trusted Dell to do their job correctly but somehow I am totally wrong in trusting them.

@Alanrwood - thanks!

  JonMitchell 14:18 21 Nov 2016

@Forum Editor

Sorry I forgot to answer your first question.

Dell only provided a DPS number before collection took place, which I think DPS means dispatched number?

When the courier came to collect the damaged units, am I allowed to say what courier on this forum?, I was given collection slip with the DPS number on it, with the driver's signature and date of collection.

  Forum Editor 09:43 22 Nov 2016

"I was given collection slip with the DPS number on it, with the driver's signature and date of collection."

No need to mention the name of the courier company - it's irrelevant in this context.

The collection document DOS number relates to your computer. It enables Dell to find a record of your problem on their system.

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