Dell recalls 4m laptop batteries

  €dstowe 08:36 15 Aug 2006

"The world's largest manufacturer of personal computers, Dell, is to recall 4.1 million of its notebook computer batteries because of a fire risk."

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  oresome 09:10 15 Aug 2006

Perhaps the relaxation on hand luggage at UK aiports should exclude Dell notebooks?

  Al94 09:41 15 Aug 2006

To check if your batter is affected click here

Worryingly, when checking mine on an Inspiron 6400 purchased in April this year, the battery number isn't on the list but I discovered a bulge in the bottom of the battery casing with a two inch split in the case. I have emailed Dell support and await a response as it will have to be replaced. Worth regularly checking laptop batteries!

  Eckybloke 13:33 15 Aug 2006

Surely if Sony are the second largest manufacturer of batteries, laptop manufacturers other than Dell will also be affected?

Are the part numbers listed on the Dell website limited to Dell computers or are they standard battery part numbers common to different manufacturers?

  amonra 13:56 15 Aug 2006

As the batteries are manufactured to Dell's own specification, Sony say it's nothing to do with them ! Good one.

  Jackcoms 14:32 15 Aug 2006

"I have emailed Dell support and await a response"

You and about 4.1 million others.

Expect a long wait. ;-((

  Al94 15:02 15 Aug 2006

Had already figured that one for myself

  Curio 15:57 15 Aug 2006

Am in a bit of a pickle with this. Bought Custom Laptop October last for son for use in Saudi. That is where it is now. It is in my name, but he paid for it. Looks like he will have to bring battery back with him next home visit and I will sort it with Dell. Question is , is there a 'return by date' as he has no certain return date. Could be months before his laptop will be truly portable again. Alternatively, does he push his luck and not bother and carry on regardless. Have emailed all the info so he has a decision to make.

  keef66 16:15 15 Aug 2006

Checked on the Dell website, and sure enough, mine's one of the suspect ones. Supplied my name and address and await delivery of a replacement. Many of my colleagues with identical laptops are not affected.

Curio; your son can check on the Dell website to see if his battery is OK or not, and if he's unlucky he can apply directly for a replacement. For the first part all he needs to enter is the serial number from the battery, and for the second it just requires his name and address.

  ade.h 16:18 15 Aug 2006

In the circumstances, Dell might be accomodating; if your son could ship the battery back to the UK at his expense, Dell could send a replacement at its expense, or even cover the cost of both shipments. No harm in asking, given the nature of the recall and your son's position.

  Curio 18:18 15 Aug 2006

The reason i purchased the Laptop was because of the 'postal problems' in his area. He has the info, will await his response before suggesting anything. Thanks for input keef66 and ade.h

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