Dell - question regarding christmas offers

  cactusjack 18:49 16 Dec 2003

I am thinking of buying a Dell Dimension 8300 (D53 REV 8300). Recently, Dell had an offer on their website, which gives double memory. That offer recently expired. I didn't take up the offer, thinking that as Christmas draws nearer, Dell will start putting up even better offers for their computers. Anyway, today, to replace the double memory offer, they put up a free delivery offer (worth £50), which I think is a worser offer.

The free delivery offer ends on Wednesday - is it worth waiting to see what the next offers will be after Wednesday, or does anyone think it is worth buying the computer now. Does Dell have a track record of improving its online offers as Christmas gets nearer?

I would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you.

  Sir Radfordin 10:24 17 Dec 2003

Dell has a track record of having offers that change far too often for anyone to predict what is going on! You could look every day, go in via different routes (home/small office/large business) and get different prices each time for the same thing. Best thing to do is buy the PC you want at the price you want. People will always argue that 'free' never is 'free' you will have paid for it somewhere so it doesn't make any difference.

  dane 1 11:19 17 Dec 2003

If you do decide to buy from them online, ring them right after ordering, and verify you are getting what you have ordered. (See Dell. Misleading adverts)

  Aspman 11:46 17 Dec 2003

Might be worth hanging on until the new year to see if they pull a good offer out of the bag to get things shifting after xmas.

  wags 23:11 17 Dec 2003

As Sir Radfordin has said, if you're happy with the price and spec buy it now. If you wait to see what's ronud the corner, you will never buy a new PC in this very fast changing market.

  Kilobyte 20:40 22 Dec 2003

DELL prices and specifications change daily and can be a minefield to decipher and compare. It is always worth doing a google search for further online shopping vouchers / discounts..

  AubreyS 21:20 22 Dec 2003

I've been told by a few people that have rung Dell direct that they been able to negotiate better deals than they advertise. Its worth the price of a phone call to find out. Decide the spec you want then give them a call and see what you can get.

  cactusjack 23:20 22 Dec 2003

Thanks for the advice!

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