Dell pre-purchase Questions

  darkster 22:37 15 May 2005

I am considering buying a Dimension 5000 (the one in Computer Buyer this month) but before I do, I have a couple of questions; What is the Dell technical support like (I have been with Evesham for my last 2 PCs and they are, in my opinion the best. It is just a shame that they cannot compete with Dell on the spec. of this system.) I have heard that their call centres are based in India! Can anyone verify this please? Also does anyone know if you get a Windows XP disc and a system recovery disc?
Thanks in advance.

  Forum Editor 23:26 15 May 2005

and has many call centres. At least one of them is based in India, as are those of many major international companies - it's called globalisation.

The Dell system works on call load balancing - support calls are routed to any one of the call centres around the world automatically, so you might find yourself talking to a Dell support agent anywhere; it doesn't really matter, so long as you get the right answers.

I can't answer your question about disks - no doubt someone else will.

  Zeppelyn 23:46 15 May 2005

My son bought a Sell notebook recently and that was supplied with an XP reinstall disk.

  originalmiscellany 08:34 16 May 2005

and each of those have come with a complete Win XP install CD, none of this backup/reinstall CD - This is the proper official CD you get...

  puma22 16:24 16 May 2005

Have had to use the Dell help line twice. Once via phone and the servie was excellent, only wiated about 4 mins before they answered. The second time via e-mail. Didnt get a response back but insted they phoned me one evening to talk through the problem.
Excellent aftersales service!

  megapack 17:01 16 May 2005

Yes you do get the XP disc. I also noticed on the PC I got for my son (8400 model)earlier this year that there was a hidden partition to restore the system back to the original setup.

  russmini 20:59 16 May 2005

Not a desktop, but bought PDA earlier on in the year, delivery ended up being a bit naff, but every time i called them, they told me the truth and did not fob me off, or so i felt anyway ! HA ha. And they also phoned me on occasions to keep me upto date with the supply problems.

All in, yes seem a good customer service company.

  Jackcoms 20:59 16 May 2005

I've always used Dell PCs and wouldn't consider anything else. They come with an OS re-installation disk.

I have just purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop which didn't have a re-installation disk supplied.

HOWEVER, there are full instructions supplied as to how to burn your own re-installation CD, which creates a mirror version of the OS already on the PC. I've now done this and it took about 20 minutes.

Seems a bit 'mean' on Dell's part for the price of a blank CD!!

Nevertheless, I still intend to stick with Dell for all my future needs.

  selfbuild 21:52 16 May 2005

Jackcoms, Dell are probably getting fed up with seeing their XP o/s cds on eBay hence the reason for having to do it yourself so to speak....

Can't blame them really.....

  loudman 14:42 17 May 2005

Have a look at my post - louthman

  Jackcoms 17:01 17 May 2005

Which post?



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