[DELETED] 11:24 23 Jan 2006

I am constantly surprised that whenever someone asks for advice on getting a bargain, they are deluged with people touting Dell as the answer.
Now, I know they put out reliable goods with decent customer service, but the term 'bargain' is not applicable!

Similarly specced goods from reputable compnaies like Acer, Zoostorm etc, are constantly 20% or more cheaper than Dell's similar offerings.
So, keep in mind, when people ask for info on bargains, it is because they have budget restraints, and want a ceratin spec for good money. Pointing these bargain hunters towards dell is misleading. Money being no object, the reputation of Dell for quality and services would be integral, but let's think of the budgets of these bargain hunters - advising Dell usually means the difference between things like having no dvd writer versus having a dual layer writer..

  [DELETED] 12:04 23 Jan 2006

Any buyer will simply have to look and make their own judgement- to compete the volume makers will always be changing specs and bundles.
This week Acrer may well offer a good lot - but DELL et al will be watching.
And as sure as eggs becvme omlettes- if you buy ACER this week = DELL or someone else will top it next week - it called trade.

  Belatucadrus 12:08 23 Jan 2006

I recently used Dell to provide my replacement Laptop and with the terms available on their special offers at the time of purchase, there wasn't anybody capable of touching the spec/price combination. So it is possible to get Dell barguins and advising people to look at them isn't misleading.

In all purchases I advise people:-

First and foremost, do your research, decide what you want/need, never ever let the salesman tell you. Remember their job is to make you spend as much money as possible.

Never to get hung up on any one brand. The PC market is a cutthroat business and there is always an alternative.

If you want a warranty OK but read the smallprint, make sure it does what you want it to. What exactly are the company commiting themselves to in their terms of service? If you don't want one, decline the sales people can't make you sign.

  scotty 12:27 23 Jan 2006

Dell regularly offer deals such as free delivery, money off, double memory etc.. These are often combined and if you monitor these offer you will regularly find bargains. Sites such as click here will list these bargains. If you are prepared to wait and are flexible about the specification you can get Dell bargains.

  [DELETED] 12:30 23 Jan 2006

has said Dell are the absolute cheapest, and if they have, then they are almost certainly wrong.

However, if the latest PC Pro satisfaction survey is anything to go by, Dell is among the best combination of value, support and reliability.

If someone wants the very cheapest possible PC then I probably wouldn't point them to Dell but if they wanted the best all round and good value then I probably would.

  [DELETED] 15:12 23 Jan 2006

Its swings and roundabouts as with all PC manufacturers, I'm sure if you spent the time looking you could always a cheaper PC. That said the Dell offers are sometimes hard to beat.

  spuds 16:02 23 Jan 2006

then Dell can be a very cost saving and effective way of purchasing a computer system. Newsletter mail-shots, media advertising all have savings and codes which can reduce the prices, if you check them out. If you use these provisions then as much as another £100 or so can be saved, for the same specification model. But as stated, you have to know the method.

  [DELETED] 16:07 23 Jan 2006

In its mainstream, sub-£1000 laptop ranges, Dell is generally trounced spec-for-spec by HP and Sony - two equally well-reputed manufacturers that many people misguidedly accuse of being over-priced. Dell is undoubtedly worthy, but is not particularly competitive if there isn't an offer that happens to suit you.

  phil46 00:44 24 Jan 2006

I bought an Acer Aspire deck top instead of my Eveshams i've bought over the years,the PSU fan stopped working so i had a choice pay £22 to send it back to base for a £5 fan or fix it myself that i did but had to remove the security seal
so now have no cover, should have stayed with Evesham.

  spuds 09:51 24 Jan 2006

phil46- This thread refers to Dell products as an heading, and in the case of Dell,opening their product casing doe's not invalidate their warranty.

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