Dell order date 03/03/10 delivery date 07/06/10!?!

  bludshifta 10:00 04 Mar 2010

Just need a little bit of personal experience here. Im based in the uk.

So after 2 weeks of trying to decide what lappy to get i eventually went with a dell studio 17 I7core. I was aware that ordering from dell can take a little longer than other places as they build them to spec but i have just had my order confirmed and apparently its going to take 3 months and 3 days to deliver?

My question is this, have people ever had such long estimated delivery times from dell and are they accurate or are they being careful. How much if anything is it likely to decrease and will i know before the period where i can cancel is over? If that is the actual accurate delivery date i shall have to cancel and go with someone else as my desktop has broken and this is supposed to be a fairly immediate replacement.

So if i have to cancel, suggestions for a different system similar to the dell i ordered would be very welcome! less than £800

15 or 17" preferably 17
i7 core processor
something around the standard of a ati HD4650 gpu
4gb ddr3
320gb HD

I will be using it for audio editing primarly and then the usual household stuff with a little bit of low graphics settings gaming thrown in.

the only other thing i can find like it for the same price is this

Hp Pavillion dv6-2106ea
HP Pavilion dv6-2106ea Notebook PC: Electronics & Photo

thanks in adavance for help

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:31 04 Mar 2010

Why don't you contact Dell and ask them?

  bludshifta 10:34 04 Mar 2010

I have tried, ive sent 2 emails to seperate adresses and rang them. I was transferred 5 times before i was finally told my previous order was cancelled, they didnt bother emailing or calling me. If you have a order enquiries number i can call them on by all means let me know.

  Al94 10:53 04 Mar 2010

Have a read here click here and scroll down to my post re the UK consumer sales line.

  961 10:58 04 Mar 2010

If you go back onto the Dell web site you'll find laptops that are available via fast track and are already built to ship within 48 hours

i7 processor laptops are available within this

If you then click on the link at the top right of the screen you should be able to connect with sales via a direct type screen to first ensure your original order has been cancelled, and second, ensure that the spec of laptop you need is actually available today for shipment

(I wouldn't go down the HP route)

  bludshifta 11:10 04 Mar 2010

thanks for the comments.

Al94 - I tried ringing that number yesterday after seeing your post but only got an answer phone for some guy called "andy" i think. Very strange. I will try it again today. So many horror stories regarding dell im almost tempted to cancel now and just getting a slightly lower specced lappy to avoid the hassle

961 - I checked the fastrack before ordering and have just checked again now, they only have mini10s inspiron 15/17s...Non of these are available with i5 or i7 proccessors. Do you have an url for this please?

  961 12:07 04 Mar 2010

click here

You're quite right, i7 doesn't appear on the fastrack list

Can I suggest you click on the "click to chat" on the left side of the above page and enquire specifically what has happened to your order, if it can be resurrected, and what delivery time they can offer in view of all the hassle you have had

If there is no joy can I suggest click here
as a reliable laptop supplier I have used on a number of occasions who may be able to suggest an alternative

  bludshifta 12:11 04 Mar 2010

961 - Thanks for the info.

  dms_05 11:01 05 Mar 2010

Anyone who quotes 3 months for delivery of a laptop is saying they don't want your business.

  bludshifta 11:03 05 Mar 2010


well yeah.. spoke to dell yesterday and was told that my order was "in production" and would be delivered to me in 10 - 12 working days, despite the fact it still says "work in progress" on the site. I dont believe that for a second but I go away to europe for a week tomorrow. I'm going to leave it and ring them when i get back, if no progress has been made i will cancel my order and customize a sony vaio with the same spec for about £100 more but at least i wont have to hang around. I bet when sony say 1 month they mean it.

  961 11:15 05 Mar 2010

We'll all wait for news with interest!

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