Dell not responding

  Ms.C 22:38 06 Sep 2004

My new Inspiron laptop was delivered on the 18th August, only a few days after I ordered it online from Dell. Great I thought, prompt service.
More than two weeks later, after many 'phone calls and e-mails to Dell, still no-one has 'phoned me back as promised to arrange a date for them to carry out the basic system set-up for which I have already paid. (I want the laptop to connect wirelessly to my existing PC and as I've heard this can prove problematic I thought I'd "get the experts in").
Can anyone advise me on my next course of action to get a positive response from Dell??

  Mike D 07:44 07 Sep 2004

... address for official complaints is: Mr.Aongus Hegarty MD for UK & Ireland
Dell Customer Relations, Boghall Road, Bray. Co. Wicklow, Ireland. fax.: UK 01344317040. EIRE 012040769.

I also e-mailed [email protected]. Whilst I did not get a reply, thiuings did seem to start to move afterwards.


  Ms.C 08:02 07 Sep 2004

I will give this a try, thank you.

  Ms.C 17:09 03 Oct 2004

Update....thanks Mike D, I tried the e-mail address you suggested, but it wouldn't send. However, I did eventually have someone come out to me to do the set-up, only to learn that the wi-Fi connections were not included!
Had I been able to speak to someone at Dell I may have found this out sooner.
I'm in the process of trying to set up the (narrow band) wireless connection between my PC and the laptop. Each side is "working" but not "talking" to the other. I'm told I need something in the middle!
One of these days........

  Mike D 13:24 04 Oct 2004

Well Ms C

Hopefully you will be up and running soon. There's a thread not far away in which a number of people are running to Dell's defence (huge number of satisfied customers compared to those with problems), but my limited experience with them doesn't leave me with the "I must buy from Dell again" glow. I wonder if the e-mail address has been taken out because of over use?

Good luck!


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