primerger 20:01 02 Mar 2007

I ordered and paid for a Dell XPS M1210 laptop on 15/12/2006.

On ordering I specifically stated that the machine must be delivered before 29/12/2006 as I was leaving the country for up to 2 months and need a new portable machine to take on my travel.

The sales guy who took my order guaranteed that and even said that the machine would be delivered before Christmas.

I was duly informed that the machine was dispatched on 21/12/2006 and delivery would be no later than 27/12/2006. My credit card was debited on 23/12/06 for the total amount which was in excess of £1000.

It did not arrive on the 27th nor did it appear on the 29th. I was in the entire time from the 22nd to the 29th.

On the evening of the 29th when it was obvious that the machine was not going to turn up, I contacted Dell to inform them and requested that they trace and recall the machine and also to refund the money they debited from my credit card. They agreed or at least the person I spoke to on the phone did.

I left for my trip on the morning of 02/01/2007. I did not instruct any of my neighbours to accept delivery on my behalf as I did not want the machine which I had paid over a £1000 for to sit in the house unused for two months. And I also did not expect the machine to be delivered as Dell has ample time to recall the package.

During my time away I periodically checked my credit card account and the money was never refunded.

I returned home two weeks ago to find the machine had been delivered to my neighbour on the 5th January 2006. I contacted Dell and they agreed to arrange for a pickup and also to refund my money asap. They also offered me £50 gratis for the inconvenience. The machine was picked up more than ten days ago and still I do not have my money back. I have had several phone calls from Dell, each time it was a different person from a different department either asking me whether the machine has been picked up or whether I have received my refund. Yesterday's (01/03/07) call was the last straw as a woman rang to ask me again whether the machine has been collected so that they can process the refund.

I am thoroughly sicked of the whole thing but I do not know whom I should really speak to at Dell because I seem to get to speak to a different person each time I call them. Although all of them are very courteous none of them could really give me a definitive answer or get my money refunded. I am at my wits' end.

This is the the first time I have ever bought anything from Dell and without a doubt this will also be my last.

Any ideas, help, advice, anything.....?I would be so grateful. Thanks.

  tb64 20:19 02 Mar 2007

Send a letter to the CEO (by recorded delivery) saying that if you don't get the refund within 7 days of receipt of the letter you will take them to the small claims court.

If they do not pay in time and you do go to court (very easy and cheap to set in motion) they will not bother to turn up and therefore they will lose and have to pay you the refund and costs.

It may be worth contacting your CC comp as well to see if they can 'shake the trees' on your behalf.

Good luck.

  oresome 20:22 02 Mar 2007

You're dealing with a large organisation and I think it's optimistic to expect a refund 10 day after returning the item.

The item will go to goods in, eventually be referenced to your order, then be checked to see it's all there and in good condition before accounts are given the nod that they can make a refund. They'll probably take a few days to process the refund.

I'd start making noises after 28 days.

  HondaMan 20:56 02 Mar 2007

that they have up to 28 days to make a refund. Worst case scenario, that begins the day the computer gets back to them.


  Woolwell 21:56 02 Mar 2007

Dell have online delivery tracking and you could trace where it is any stage (from factory to delivery company).
It was unacceptable for them to deliver to a neighbour.

Do you have an e-mail stating that they will refund. I have found that e-mail correspondence with a customer care rep is useful. They should allocate a customer care case no and it is important to refer to that at all times. My last refund from Dell took a fortnight.

Ask to speak to a senior customer care manager (who for home sales will almost certainly be based in India) and exchange e-mails. I found that was the best way to get my refund.

  spuds 22:33 02 Mar 2007

I think that you may find that Dell have either 28 or 30 days by law, in which they should return any funds taken from you. If you think Dell are being unreasonable, then contact your credit card company for further advice.

  Forum Editor 00:37 03 Mar 2007

allows Dell up to thirty days within which to refund your card account, starting from the date on which the machine was returned to them.

  primerger 18:11 03 Mar 2007

Thank you all for your helpful replies.

I have had numerous emails promising the refund was in progress but no case numbers. They were received even before I arrived home from my trip abroad. At that time I assumed that the parcel was recalled and returned to them within the first two weeks in January.

The machine should never have been left with my neighbour and I did not think that Dell would have allowed that to happen considering the value of the machine.

Granted the 3rd was a public holiday in Scotland but surely they could have stopped the delivery before the 5th. We do have telephones in Scotland and I believe the courier all carry mobiles with them.

Dell has had my money now for more than two months and I cannot purchase another machine before I am sure that the money would be there to pay for it as I cannot afford to pay out another £1000+ nor do I wish to incur interest on my credit card.

I am now cashless and laptopless. The £50 gratis that they offered is hardly worth all the hassle.

  Totally-braindead 19:09 03 Mar 2007

primerger I appreciate the problems you have had. Clearly Dell have failed you badly promising a delivery they failed to keep and then failing to cancel it after you cancelled it.
Under UK law as the FE states they have 30 days to return the money now I appreciate that that doesn't help you just now as you can't get another PC till the money is refunded but the £50 extra is not bad really. They don't have you to give you anything at all other than a refund within 30 days.
Dell have mucked things up, it might not be their fault entirely it might be partly the fault of the courier, regardless of this they have clearly accepted responsability and have offered you a refund plus £50 by way of an apology.

  Woolwell 18:09 09 Mar 2007

Did you get the refund?

  primerger 19:47 09 Mar 2007

No, I still have not got my refund.

To rub salt into the wound I am getting calls most days from their Returns department asking me for details about the collection. When was it collected, consignment no. and so forth.

I even had a few calls informing me that a collection date has been arranged in the next few days.

I have given them all the information they asked for by phone and by emails. All the details they could possibly need. The collection date including the time, the reference no. the account no. and the consignment no.

Just today, after another fruitless phonecall from the Returns department asking for the same info again, I had to phone the courier myself and have them confirmed all the details.

I really do not know what best to do next. I tried to keep my composure each time I received a call from them but when they start asking for the same info again I am afraid I blew my top a few times.

Any suggestions?

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