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  LesT 20:51 27 Jun 2005

I've had my new Dell Dimension 5000 for just over a month, and i'm delighted with it. Was looking at the Dell website today and noticed there is no mention of the 5000, but a Dimension 5100 is listed. Is this just a 5000 with a different colour of casing? or is my 5000 now a dinosaur?

  [email protected] 00:21 28 Jun 2005

It's whats in the inside that counts.

There may be slight component changes with the new range (such as DDR2 instead of standard DDR?) but the main difference will just be the case. I wouldn't worry about it.

  Pooke 01:26 28 Jun 2005

Wouldn't call it a dinosaur, at this point there'll only be slight differences in the models. But as with all technology it grows old quickly.

One of my old lecturers used to go on about when you take if off the shelf it's already out of date and they'll have better spec models to replace it with for the same money or usually even less than you paid!

And he is correct.

  LesT 01:31 28 Jun 2005

Cheers for putting my mind @ rest, was just a bit peeved @ seeing my computer being updated so quick. As you've pointed out; that's technology for you.

  Jarvo 09:08 28 Jun 2005

when buying technology is buy the best equipment you can afford / justify that will do the job you want it to do, be happy with your choice and don't look at similar products again until its time to change again. By following this rule you will avoid driving yourself round the bend with I should have waited / I wish I had got that.



  steve1ooo 11:18 28 Jun 2005

I always say if your comp. doea what you want it to it`s good enough.

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