Dell monitor choices

  zzzgordon 23:21 29 Mar 2005

I'm about to buy a pc from Dell.

I'm unsure what monitor to purchase - do the flat panel monitors Dell sell as part of there offers worth it ?

Some are branded as Dell Value others as Dell Ultrasharp monitors. I can get a value 17inch ultrasharp or for £9.40 more a Dell value 19inch. Anyone know who makes the dell flat panels or has anyone experience of one ?

Any advice appreciated.

  megapack 08:20 30 Mar 2005

I'm not sure who does make Dell's monitor's? but I have the Dell 19" ultrasharp 1901FT monitor and my son has 19" ultrasharp 1905FT model. These are superb monitors in my opinion and worth the extra cost if you can afford it.

In many ways the monitor is the most important part of the PC package, as you will be looking at it all the time

  megapack 08:24 30 Mar 2005


Just another tip for you. When we ordered the PC for my son I configured the model he wanted online, but the graphics card he liked was not on the list. I phoned Dell to enquired and was told if I ordered it the same day, I could get a special price. I saved another £80 on the overall price.

  Sir Radfordin 08:58 30 Mar 2005

The value monitors aren't bad but the Ultrasharp are really nice and well worth getting. I know of several people who have bought them on their own without a Dell base unit because they are 'that' good.

  pauldonovan 10:56 30 Mar 2005

...they suggested the value ones (admittedly for Work purposes) I must admit they're pretty good so i'd like to know what you are getting for Ultrasharp.

I suspect it depends if digital photography and/or 3d Games are important to you...if so then probably worth it but the value ones we have are fine.

  TomJerry 19:29 30 Mar 2005

I have a 17" one, it is better than a lot of models I checked out

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