Dell laptops with big docks - do they still exist

  Macro Kid - (Java script) 11:49 16 Apr 2003

Hi all,
A while ago Dell used to sell laptops with a large docking station (about the size of a desktop CPU), this allowed you to use normal PCI cards and hard drives and things like that and have a proper monitor on top. A proper desktop replacement system with laptop functionality as well. As sods law would have it now that i am looking to buy a laptop, they don't seem to sell ones like this any more. So i was wondering does Dell (or anyone else for that matter) still manufacture a system like this?

Any help would be much appreciated

Peter N

  Macro Kid - (Java script) 21:25 17 Apr 2003

Help pls


  Embezzler 23:47 17 Apr 2003

Try calling Dell and asking them if they do or if they would make it. That would be you best bet because i doubt anyone else knows. :)

  Macro Kid - (Java script) 10:19 18 Apr 2003

I was kinda hoping someone might have brought one recently. And to be perfectly honest, asking dell hadnt crossed my mind :)

Thanks Again

Peter N

  Belatucadrus 11:16 18 Apr 2003

click here maybe not quite what you were looking for, but worth consideration if Dell don't work out.

  Macro Kid - (Java script) 11:40 18 Apr 2003

Hmm, as u say not quite what im looking for. Im trying to be able to use my existing equipment like TV cards, and hard drives instead of having to buy expensive PC Card ones.

Thanks anyway

Peter N

  Macro Kid - (Java script) 22:36 23 May 2003

In case anyone else is interested
click here


  Granger 16:32 24 May 2003

My wife says big docks don't matter. Not sure what she means.

  Macro Kid - (Java script) 18:46 24 May 2003

I did realise my possibly dodgy title after i first posted.


  Macro Kid - (Java script) 18:46 24 May 2003

I did realise my possibly dodgy title after i first posted.


  Morpheus© 21:58 24 May 2003

about the only one that did not :-)))))

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