Dell laptop versus Asus laptop - which is better buy?

  Cara2 00:06 23 Nov 2014

Am buying my son a laptop. His needs are very basic. Both laptops would cost the equivalent £340. (He is buying in Malta. I have thought about sending one over, but the postage at around £70 would make it more expensive).

I am looking at very similar spec laptops, Dell v Asus. The Dell has an Intel Core i3 4005U 1.7 and the Asus is i3 3217U 1.8. Otherwise, apparently very little in it.

Anybody any thoughts about which is better - if either?

Cheers Cara

  chub_tor 10:24 23 Nov 2014

If there is very little in it technically then your next concern should be after sales support and warranty. Can your son get a better or longer warranty on either of the machines in Malta? Perhaps one of them will supply home repair instead of returning it to the shop, or maybe give an extended warranty for free.

Asus once had a good reputation for quality of build, but I am not sure about the latest models. Home users in Europe have indicated that Dell after sales is poor but Business users say it is good.

Personally I have become a fan of Lenovo and family members have had good experiences with their machines.

  spuds 10:59 23 Nov 2014

Have to agree with chub_tor on their comments.

Warranty cover, possible import duties would need to be a major consideration, so best to buy local from a reputable source.

I have recently purchased a Lenovo G700 laptop, which ticks quite a number of boxes. Gave up with Dell when I had a sales problem, and their supposedly discount codes, and not so cheap delivery charges at that time.

  Cara2 21:40 23 Nov 2014

Thanks for your replies.

The Lenovo Laptops are more expensive I think but yes, my sister has one and is very pleased with it.

Spuds, import duties are not an issue as with these two models, both can be bought in Malta but incidentally, import duties are not charged on laptops into Malta anyway.

I think I am going to sway him towards the Asus although you do get more for your money here (better spec), but this is offset by the postage charges.

Decisions, decisions!

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