Dell laptop - replacement

  lilythepink 20:58 10 Dec 2006

I have a Dell laptop, which is not working, I think the hard drive has gone. My question is, it is under one year old, can I ask for a replacement.
Dell want me to remove the hard drive etc, all of which I am not prepared to do. What are my rights as I am sick and tired of Dell aftersales.

  Totally-braindead 21:23 10 Dec 2006

I don't see why you would have to remove the hard drive I would have thought they would want the whole thing back. That said I'm unsure of whether you're entitled to a replacement I think it depends on how old it actually is. You are definately entitled to a repair.

See what the others say as some of them are a lot more knowledgable than me about these things.

  Al94 21:25 10 Dec 2006

What warranty did you purchase?

  lilythepink 21:35 10 Dec 2006

I did not purchase any warranty, because of the experience that I had with my Dell desktop.
The laptop is only 9 months old, and only last month I had to ask them for a new keyboard, which they sent, but I am not fitting it, as if I do a bad job and something goes wrong. That surely would effect any comeback I have with Dell. They are very much into call centres and people instructing you over the phone, to take out this lever and remove the CD drive, etc.
Surely if you buy something, and it has a years guarantee with it, they should automatically replace it.

  Totally-braindead 21:43 10 Dec 2006

I'll be honest with you I've never heard of any company doing this. Dell sent you a replacement laptop keyboard and expect you to dismantle it and replace it? Thats ridiculous and far beyond many if not most PC users abilities.

Even if you take no warranty you are still covered in that the parts have a one year guarantee.

  lilythepink 22:12 10 Dec 2006

I thought it ridiculous as well. I would never recommend Dell to anyone. The aftersales service warranty is sold as wonderful, and you should have it. I eventually told them I was writing to the MD of Dell. It took them a week to pick my desktop up and then another 5 days to return it. The hard drive was still not right and they said it must be something to do with it getting repaired. An engineer eventually came out and installed a new hard drive...... Why did they have to leave me without a computer for nearly 4 weeks....

  Al94 22:12 10 Dec 2006

Basic 1 year warranty entitles you to collect and return for repairs. Have a careful read here click here then insist on your rights. There is mention of opening a case under instruction of a technician but I doubt if this would apply to rebuilding a laptop!

  Totally-braindead 13:19 11 Dec 2006

From your last posting I presume the issue has been resolved albeit it with a lot of argueing and patience on your part. Is this correct?
If the computer has now actually been repaired you have no chance of getting a replacement.

Regarding being without the computer for 4 weeks it is a long time but its not unreasonable. I appreciate from your point of view, mine as well I suppose if it was me in your shoes, that 4 weeks may seem overly long but someone asked this question a while back as to how long is reasonable for a repair. Others said and I agreed that the longest reasonable acceptable time would be 28 days. Hopefully it would be less. Looking at the other side of the coin it depends whats wrong with it and whether they have parts etc.

Your point about replacing it when it develops a fault. It is my understanding that if it fails within 28 days you are entitled to either a replacement or refund but after that are only entitled to a repair. I might be wrong in this but that is my understanding.

  spuds 14:59 11 Dec 2006

Dell have provided the options of repair over the past nine months, which you have accepted, so I cannot see how you can know expect a new laptop replacement. If the laptop was a total disaster within the first six months, you may have had firm grounds for requesting a replacement, but after the first six months, the onus is on the buyer to prove the laptop 'is not fit for the purpose'.

Things like laptop's are not actually 'guaranteed' for a period of 12 months, because under consumer law, the six year rule may apply. Further advice click here

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