Dell laptop problem

  Axii9 20:08 01 May 2004

I purchased an Inspiron 5150 two weeks ago from their outlet website. The moment I turned it on, it started to make a loud, high-pitched whining/ whistling noise. It starts of low and gets louder once it warms up. I have been in touch with technical support and customer services many times -after getting me to take out various components and putting them back in one by one and then listening for the sound again, they couldn't get to the bottom of it. Finally, they said they would send a technician round or collect and return -as per warranty.

My question is that am I right to demand a replacement? Reason being that the problem was clearly there before I even had a chance to use it. I asked them and they said they don't do replacements unless there is 'physical damage' whatever that means and would only repair it. I am not very happy that they sold me a faulty item. And they don't seem to want to know when I ask for a replacement. Is this normal/ correct?

  wee eddie 20:29 01 May 2004

It is quite likely that your noise is coming from faulty fan bearings which may have been caused by a jolt in transit.

You don't say that there were any problems in the operation of the computer. So it must be something fairly simple.

  Axii9 21:04 01 May 2004

Thanks for your reply wee eddie.

The system works just fine, in fact I think it's brilliant to be honest. It's just that very irritating noise.

During one of my phone calls to the technical people, they told me to run diagnostics. During that the fan was made to run fast -but the noise didn't change at all. I forgot to mention before, the noise is intermittent. It comes and goes around every 10 seconds and sometimes dissappears for a minute or two.

Advice please? should I push for a replacement (as the problem was 'out of the box') or give them a chance to repair it?

  bfoc 23:29 01 May 2004

Is faulty at the time of sale you do have a right to reject it within a reasonable time and the company has to refund you in full.

It may be something that could be easily sorted and allowing them one chance to put it right might also be reasonable. However, to be safe you should make clear, in writing, that you are giving them just one chance to put it right and that if this fails you will be rejecting the goods.

There is actually no 'right' in law for a company to be given the chance to repair an item and, in fact, accepting a repair can be deemed to be accepting the item!

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