Dell laptop graphics cards

  Cessna 00:59 23 Jan 2003
  Cessna 00:59 23 Jan 2003

I have an inspiron 8200 which has a nvidia geforce 4 Go mobile laptop graphics card. whilst it is generally good, it has trouble coping with newer games like Unreal Tournament 2003.

I tried to update the driver from the nvidia site, but it said that for mobile laptop graphic cards i needed to go to the manufacturer of the laptop for up to date drivers.

when i checked Dells site, the drivers for the nividia cards are nearly a year old.

Dell, when are you going to update these drivers? The performance of the graphic card is suffering with modern games. The nvidia site holds up to date drivers for their desktop pc cards which are updated every few weeks, so why are Dells drivers a year old???

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