Dell Inspiron 9300 Graphics (Laptop)

  krimson 13:08 24 May 2005


I'm just about to buy one of these from laptops from dell. I've had a desktop computer for a few years but still a total noob when it comes to specs. I spent ages choosing where and what to buy but just have a query regarding this option.

I've got the option of 3 different graphics cards:

3) 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Go graphics card, +£140

Does anyone know if the standard 64mb radeon is good enough for basic games and for good quality video when surfing the net, or should I pay the extra £70 for the 128mb. Basically I will be using the machine mainly for business but would like to have the option of gaming as well as good quality video.

Is the 64mb a half decent card?

  garrema 13:27 24 May 2005

click here

Put your CPU, graphic card details et. in the boxes and see what numbers other people are getting. If someone has tested the system you are buying then the numbers should be there. You can check to see if the other cards you have an option on are there also. As a very rough giude if you can get approx 2500 3D marks then games should be OK and very playable.

  TomJerry 18:23 24 May 2005

£70 option is not much improvement

If you want to play big boys' games such as Half Life 2, Doom 3 etc, you need to have £140 option

  citadel 19:29 24 May 2005

the 6800go is miles faster than the others and will play new games well.

  Dan the Doctus 21:14 24 May 2005

Agree, if you're serious about playing games then go for the 6800. I've got a 6200 and it rocks - a 6800 will blow your socks off!

  krimson 22:25 24 May 2005

Many thanks for the advice. Think I'll probably go the nvidia one. Don't plan on buying another one for many years so may as well splash out.

Thanks Again

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