Dell: home v business, business = better service?

  cactusjack 11:20 05 Oct 2004


I was just looking at the Dell website, and looking at the prices of the 8600 Inspiron laptops. I put together my preferred specification for the 8600 on the Home site, and then tried the same spec on the small business site. I ended up saving £100 on the business site. How interesting...

Also, does anyone know if you get better customer service or priority as a small business customer as opposed to a home customer? I'm not sure whether to buy as a home customer or as a business customer...


  Belatucadrus 12:26 05 Oct 2004

Dell have a long standing reputation for giving better customer service to larger corporate accounts than to home users. Please note this is word of mouth, I have no statistics to back this up.

I doubt that there would be much difference between a small business and home user coverage.
However though not exactly cheap, Dell are some of the best machines you can buy and have been used in significant quantities both at my previous employer and the college I attend.

  recap 13:59 05 Oct 2004

Belatucadrus wrote "Please note this is word of mouth" This is my word of mouth. We have used Dell systems here at work for the past 3 years, and propose to renew all our systems this year with Dell. We have had only one problem with any of the machines we have, a Dell engineer came out the next working day and replaced the item, with no arguments. Maybe that is a reason for paying a slightly higher price for the cover, but in my opinion it's worth the price.

  Esso43 18:02 05 Oct 2004

I use a dell laptop as a small business user, I bought it through their home internet and found this was cheaper than going through the business bit of the website. This did not seem to matter the sales people were ok with the whole process.

I did have a problem with the power lead/cord and true to the contract they delivered one the next working day even to my client's address which was not the one on the invoice.

Yes they did ask some questions to ratify that it was a genuine failure and yes I did have to send the old one back (they would have collected it but my fault I left it at home) and they paid for the postage. So sall businesses canget good after sales support too.

  spuds 19:19 05 Oct 2004

I ordered a special offer Dell 720 printer late on Saturday evening. The internet confirmation note stated 'Despatch 11/04/2004'. It was delivered this morning at 10.00am. All for £9.99 including delivery. You cannot ask for better service than that.

  bremner 20:01 05 Oct 2004

I am in a very large organisation that has a long standing very costly Dell account.

Earlier this year I ordered on our business account a very specific Inspiron 9100 laptop at around £2500.

After 6 weeks of extreme frustration I was left with no option but to cancel the order and go elsewhere.

I can assure you that Dell can also treat their largest of business customers very badly.

  Mike D 08:08 06 Oct 2004

I have 18 Dell PCs and a PowerEdge Server. I pay for next day service, I have yet to get this. A replacement monitor took 3 weeks to materialise. If home users get a poorer service, then Lord help them.


  cactusjack 09:55 06 Oct 2004

When I said earlier that the 8600 for small business users is cheaper, I've just realised that I was wrong. The home user price included VAT, but the small business one excluded VAT, so ultimately, the small business price actually turned out more expensive.

  spuds 10:31 06 Oct 2004

In tend to find that you have to check and 'shop around' for the best Dell prices and special offers. One example is the way Dell offer reduced prices via weekly and weekend media plus internet advertising sources.Dell have been running a campaign over the past few weeks in weekly newspapers, when the various products have been reduced by amounts upto £100.00.That was how I obtained the Dell printer, as a special offer promotion, and word of mouth via the [in this case]PCA forum.

As you have stated, the way business and home buyers differ is the inclusion or non inclusion of value added tax procedures in advertising and final sales.And don't forget, the vat is added on all services provided in the final billing.Of course, this will make a difference if you are vat registered and are able to re-claim certain expenditures back.I do not know how Dell work, but some companies will not let you register as a business user without proof that you are an actual trading business, other companies seem to overlook this possible requirement.

Someone within a PCA forum, gave a particular Dell website address for refurbished and returns products. All with full warranties and great savings. Sorry that I cannot offer this address, but know doubt, someone else may have it.

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