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  r0ssc01 20:12 12 Feb 2010

My girlfriend recently purchased a Dell Studio 16 XPS from Dell on the 19/01/2010. The estimated delivery was 15/02/2010, a month fair enough.

So around 04/02/2010 the Order Status is still Work in Progress which means:

3. Work In Progress
. If you personalized your computer, it’s being prepared for production.
. If you ordered an electronics, accessories, software or ink, it’s being prepared for packing.

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I phone Dell to make sure that they are still on time with the estimated date because in 3 weeks the Order Status has not changed. They confirm that everything is fine and nothing to report.

Another week passes by and the Order Status remains the same Work In Progress. I choose to forget this and trust Dell. Come 11/02/2010 the Order (4 days before estimated delivery!!!!) the status has changed to In Production, and subsequently the estimated Delivery Time is now... wait for it... 24/03/2010! Longer than the original time!

I immediately phone Dell furious but getting nowhere and with no help with the call center telling me "Not our fault its all automated, by machine" etc etc.

Looking on the Dell website I cannot find someone to talk to or a proper complaints line, just an email. I sent the email (which they say they respond to in 24hours - Still no response 30hours later.

What I am asking is, does anyone know a complaints number for Dell or a actually email address (not a form)?

Am I in my rights to complain and be furious?

Any general advice - cancel order etc?

Any feedback would be greatly welcomed.


  birdface 20:42 12 Feb 2010

Maybe cancel the order that may get them moving.

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  961 09:30 13 Feb 2010

If you want it, don't cancel it

Production is usually dead on time unless there is a delay in supply of, for example, processors from the maker. It probably takes no more than a day and is followed by burn in and testing taking another couple of days

The vast majority of the remaining time is taken up by trucking it from the factory (most likely Poland) to you. Barring accidents, again, they do tend to arrive on time

  harps1h 10:10 13 Feb 2010

i have ordered from dell several times and have found they deliver on time and once before the eta

  Al94 11:26 13 Feb 2010

My recent experience of Dell confirms that they are not as efficient as they used to be when the PCs for EU were built in Limerick. They closed that factory and moved production to Poland, then sold that factory last November and moved production to China where they have two factories. I ordered a Studio laptop for my son on 5 January, given delivery date of 26 Jan - a bit long but was happy enough. After initial order acknowledgment heard nothing then called them, they said the order was fine, gave me an order number on the phone and told me I'd get an email when the order went into production. Just happened to check the online order status a couple of weeks later (19 Jan) and found it cancelled - no email from them - nothing! After being passed from pillar to post on the phone I was told it had been cancelled because the colour of cover ordered was no longer available so instead of emailing me to advise the problem and check if another colour would do (which it would have)they just cancelled the order.

The only option available was to recreate the order thus starting the clock ticking again, in fairness the person I spoke to was very apologetic and said she would do all possible to fast track the new order. I was given a delivery date of 16 Feb however as the status was still showing as work in progress after another couple of weeks, I contacted their rep directly and the status then moved to in production. The laptop was delivered on 8 Feb, ahead of the second given date.

I suppose the laptop was received in just over a month from the date of placing the original order which was cancelled but there was a lot of unnecessary hassle and the process nowhere near as speedy or as efficient as I have found Dell in the past.

  birdface 11:32 13 Feb 2010

Maybe try their live chat.

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  Al94 11:43 13 Feb 2010

UK consumer sales 01344378887 extension 3406219

  961 15:07 13 Feb 2010

"The world has gone craazy" as Manuel would say, when Basil brushed his head with his fist

Michael Dell gets big bucks to set up in Eire, then shifts to Poland (on the same basis?) and then flogs the factory to big motherboard maker Foxconn

Meanwhile, big electronics maker Foxconn is busily moving the other way, from the Far East to Poland, to make electronic boxes for Michael Dell

Will they meet each other in Hawaii eventually, and, in will nation states eventually stop funding this sort of job shifting?

  Input Overload 11:02 14 Feb 2010

I would always put my penny's worth in for DELL having bought two PC's in the last few months without issue, both made in Poland. You can't keep moving production around the world like this and maintain customer confidence. If either of the PC's I had ordered were late I would have canceled, & at the moment I wouldn't recommend DELL.

  naineysman 12:05 14 Feb 2010

If I pushed and pushed a vendor to ship me gods I would be worried the unit was 'rushed' through production and I end up with a 'dog'.

Now I know that the QA process will be the same for each machine but its just a feeling I would have in my gut.

I've purchased about a dozen dell's in the last 4 years for friends and familly and I honestly wouldn't go anywhere else (for Windows that is) even though some of the stuff is now breaking down.

  naineysman 12:09 14 Feb 2010

which brings me on to another issue, my niece's laptop is dead, very tight budget, will the Dell budget range Laptops running Celeron processors be good enough for a student running MS Office, iTunes, Web, email, messenger, etc?

I've always spent the extra for the intel Pentium type dual core, etc.

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