Dell disappoints

  naineysman 22:06 03 Jun 2010

Bought from Dell for years so thought we would again.

ordered a dell online (desktop) on Tuesday 25th May

Friday 28th Dell called us to query order (so why order online)?

No email, no calls, I called them today (3rd June) queried delivery

after 1 hour I got an email order confirmation note with delivery 16th June.

Called them straight back and cancelled, really surprised at the service this time, is this about normal these days?

  Forum Editor 23:00 03 Jun 2010

are built to order, and consumer law says the company has 30 days from the date of the order in which to deliver the computer.

  naineysman 23:10 03 Jun 2010

just thought that this was a tad long and hence they have lost a sale. Still think they produce great products. maybe next time?

  ajm 23:33 03 Jun 2010

Very recently, I adviced a client to go for a Dell XPS system customised for his requirements. Order came to around £900 for which he opted for finance which got approved and all the docs were signed online, etc.
Three weeks later and many calls and emails to dell, he was told the Order had been cancelled.

Further calls to Dell customer services didnt help and a email to the Dell Press Office yielded a very fast result. The press office got someone in the escalation team to look into this mess and within 3 days, the client received the Dell XPS System and a further £100.00 deposited in his bank account as a gesture of goodwill.

  spuds 18:03 04 Jun 2010

Why should it be that a press office as to become involved, when a trained sales force should have the answers?.

Over the years I have made many varied purchases from Dell,including re-badged products. They were alway spot-on, with products, delivery and care, and that included their regular courier team. I always gave praise and recommendations regarding Dell.

But when Dell reorganised, something went very wrong, and I started to get concerned. My last venture with Dell was for a laptop that Dell had available on-line plus with special email incentive offer of free delivery and extra memory. Trying to place the order was impossible, because the 'special customer' voucher codes offered by Dell were not accepted. So I made a telephone call to sales to resolve the problem. Long story, but the sales person telephoned me no less than three times during the day with "just contacted my manager, and he as agreed to reduce delivery charges", (1st) £20 off (2nd) £30 off. On that day, Dell lost my confidence and custom.

Should add, that later that day I went to Ebuyer and purchased a similar specification laptop, with extra memory and other accessories for a less price than Dell's basic. Looked at Ebuyer's website, then decided on other items, so contacted a very knowledgeable fellow about various concerns. Duly placed the order at 6.50pm and the complete purchase was delivered for free the next day at 9am.

I don't know if it still applies, but I would also mention that Dell's finance arrangements are not the best out there, and it does pay to read the small print!.

  naineysman 18:48 04 Jun 2010

Dell actually called today to see if we wanted to reorder but when we explained the unexpected poor service they just kept repeating - 'do you want to reorder?'

I'm actually siting setting up the new (not Dell) PC now.

So to close -Dell disappoints again!

  naineysman 21:45 04 Jun 2010

to injury, the Dell wireless adapter we had from the previous PC was a complete swine to install on Win7 but I got there after about 45 minutes, grrr.

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