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Dell direct purchase question re after sales

  john bunyan 14:06 19 Jan 2018

I am debating getting a Dell XPS laptop. The Dell website offers to sell direct to consumers, and I have a Defence Discount code for a discount. I phoned Dell - a call centre in India, not a U.K. number, and they were evasive when I asked what would happen if the PC were faulty. When I pressed them on the discount he gave me a telephone no that proved to be Argos. They said they would accept the voucher. I phoned Currys who said the same. I would prefer a shop as my contract would be with the shop. I have heard of poor after sales service from Dell so would be grateful for comments. This is a high spec light weight 2 in 1 , and am looking at Asus as an alternative. John Lewis does not offer the spec I want.

  john bunyan 20:41 19 Jan 2018

Any views about Dell? May wait for the new Asus competitor equivalent. Dell XPS 13 vs. Asus ZenBook 13 - not yet on sale in UK

  AroundAgain 23:18 19 Jan 2018

Hi John

I have a Dell laptop, Inspiron 15R 5537 (not in the same league as you, of course)

I bought it, on line, direct from Dell, in 2014. I did have some issues with it when I first got it, which was disappointing and, rather then determine what was wrong, they sent a guy out to change the motherboard. Still had some issues so they sent a guy out again who replaced the hard drive!!! It's worked well since then.

However, when the hard drive needed 'repair', I was out of warranty, only by a couple of weeks, and it would have cost me a considerable amount £'s for the guy to come out to replace it BUT, interestingly, a 3-yr warranty was at a reduced price (!!!) and cost considerably less than to pay for a one-time fix. So, I purchased the warranty for 3 yrs.

Recently, I wanted to do a fresh install of Win 10 (I'd started off with Win 8) because the laptop had become a bit laggy, and once they'd verified my warranty, I had fantastic support with this fresh install. They called me back at a time more convenient etc, spent plenty of time while things were downloading, found the drivers and installed them for me etc.

I don't feel I could have had better service, to be honest, and the extra warranty (which I normally don't buy) proved to be well worth the money / good value etc. My laptop is running like a new 'un again now :)

  Govan1x 00:27 20 Jan 2018

Looks a little bit iffy JB. Make sure you get a good site. Sorry cant help with the laptop.


  john bunyan 09:20 20 Jan 2018

Thanks to both; I will continue to consider! The Indian phone centre was the one on the Dell website!

  john bunyan 09:23 20 Jan 2018

This is what I meant

Dell experience

  john bunyan 09:32 20 Jan 2018

Even more worrying:

Trust Pilot review

  AroundAgain 09:37 20 Jan 2018

I've just had a look at the posts you linked in your last post, John. Yes, they are all very negative and talk about bad experiences.

However, these posts are from years back. The other thing to bear in mind is that you rarely hear 'good' feedback. It's always the 'bad' experiences you hear about. Only natural to vent more if you're annoyed about something. I try to take a lot of such comments with a pinch of salt.

On the occasions I find I'm speaking with a non-native English speaker who I really struggle to understand, not only with Dell, I will ask to speak to another person, preferably their supervisor/manager. There will always be someone who has a better command of the language.

If I've not been happy with the support offered, I ask to speak with their superior, or another person. No messing but I am polite, I have to say.

I suspect you'll find the same sort of responses from any research re laptops/manufacturers. After sales doesn't get the money in!!! ;)

I'm a member of a good computer club, locally, and most of the machines are Dell, apart from the iPad range, of course. They are highly regarded there by the 'more techie' members, it seems.

At the end of the day, it's how you feel about it all. If you have doubts, then you'll possibly never be happy with that manufacturer.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:40 20 Jan 2018

I have heard of poor after sales service from Dell...............

I doubt that you'd get better support from Currys/PC World or Argos.

Dell XPS owners currently get Premium Support with Onsite Service. Having an engineer visit you at home is going to be a lot less faff than sending the laptop away for repair and perhaps waiting a couple of weeks for its return.

If I were you I'd pop into PC World to give the laptop a thorough test drive then order direct from the Dell UK website.

  AroundAgain 09:56 20 Jan 2018

Totally agree with Secret-Squirrel :) I cetainly wouldn't even consider buying from PC World/Curry's but nothing to stop you having a good hands-on look in the shop first, before you buy online

  john bunyan 16:34 20 Jan 2018

Thanks, both. I had a look at the machine in Currys and it is expensive but nice. I cannot get, on line, a price for Dell Premium Support; Currys was about £10 to £12 a month - over £400 in 3 years. Normally I don't bother as one can end up with insurance on a number of TV's and appliances costing a fortune. On a small, expensive PC like this however, it is probably worth it as it covers hard and software and accidental damage. In the good old days with my old Toshiba , I could do a screen or keyboard replacement myself, but these new high tech PC's can cost a fortune in repairs.

No great rush, so I will have a close look at the Dell programme, even if I try to phone their UK site!

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