Dell Dimension or Evesham Evolution (or Axis)?

  JulieR 17:31 20 Jun 2003

It is time to replace my 4 year old Gateway PC and, after some consideration (and much scanning of this forum)I have narrowed choice to Evesham or Dell.

I am looking at a 2.6GHz processor - the Dell Dimension 8300 fits the spec and is cheaper than the equivalent Evesham, however, I have some concerns about whether the quality of tech support is as good as this is a major factor.

If I go for Evesham, what should I consider when chosing between a Pentium and Athlon based system?

Another key factor for me is noise level as my current Gateway is extremely quiet. Any experiences would be most welcome.

Main usage of PC is Internet access and office applications. I would like to try video editing of our camcorder footage, but this is a minor use and would not be a key factor in choice of machine

After many months of reading, this is the first time I have plucked up courage to post, so hope I have got it right.


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