Dell Dimension 8300 3.0GHz

  User-520CAA20-BC41-4EAF-91DABBFA58CE03DB 11:03 05 Jun 2003

has any one seen the spec on this pc?
amazing the price
PRICE: £1,299
(£1,526 inc VAT
check the spec.
there must be a mistake about radion 9800
can any one shed some light on this system is a cracker

  Spen 14:25 05 Jun 2003

We're reviewing the system for our next issue. Look our for the review in Sept'03 -hardware standalones.

Spencer Dalziel

Senior Reviews Writer

hope i can wait that long. looks amazing for the price.
Hopfully the offer/ price remains the same for the review or will it change?

  Andrew P 17:16 05 Jun 2003

I mentioned this computer in my thread 'More Hell With Dell' - I think that is probably where you got the info from, wasn't it? ;-)

Anyway, yes it certainly seems amazing for the price, I have had very bad (and still continuing) experiences with Dell as you probably know, but then again they have thousands of satisfied customers.

I got the information about the machine from click here (PC Pro Magazine's website - am I allowed to say that here? Sorry if i'm not...) you can read the review by clicking on the 'A-List' button on the front page then clicking the computer (The review is also in the July issue of PC Pro). To read what people have said about this computer go to the bottom of the review and click 'view comments'. There is quite a lot of useful info there.

Hope this helps!

Forum Editor, if I have broken the rules of this site in any way by saying the above, please feel free to delete this post. ;o)

Andrew P

thanks andrew p for the info. I got the info from the same site, but did'net know if i could mention it here :op
anyway does delll ship with the system the original xp home disk along with the drivers and all the documentation?
thanks for any help

  CraigC 15:16 01 Aug 2003

Yep great review in Sept 03 edition. And I want to buy it as everyone who I have spoken to in person with a Dell has had great support and feedback.

Now try and find the same PC on the dell website. No eCode in PC Advisor review and the PC does not exist on their website :-) ANYWHERE..

Any clues where you can find this PC from Dell - it was a recent review after all.....


  no1ghoul 15:58 01 Aug 2003

try e value code 200 D52REV that should take you to it

  byfordr 16:33 01 Aug 2003

Just ordered this today, double memory to 1024mb also free 4th year warranty (via cashback). Will let you know how the order goes, but has been promised within a week...

  byfordr 17:47 01 Aug 2003

I ordered this pc today, on the dell website there is a offer for a harddrive upgrade. In this case 120gb to 200gb on ANY 8300 Dimension machine. Contacted Dell as it appeared to be missing from my order. Seems to be a case of sharking. Any views? Where does this offer legally stand?

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