Dell Dimension 5150 graphics upgrade??

  Gringo2005 21:40 16 Mar 2006

Friend of mine has recently purchased the P4 3.2 version of this Dell, with 1gb memory and the ATI Radeon 256 MB graphics card

Whilst the machine is excellent, he's had a few moment on Half Life 2 with stalling etc with the graphics.

Any views on a potential upgrade graphics card?
Would increasing the memory also assist?

Help greatly appreciated :-)

  rmcqua 09:55 17 Mar 2006

I would think that the graphics card is probably the cause of the stalling. An upgrade should help - as to what to upgrade to, depends very much on the depth of your friend's pockets! The CPU is fine; another 1Gb of RAM wouldn't hurt, but I doubt that is the cause of the stalling.

  Gringo2005 09:58 17 Mar 2006

he's probably looking to spend under £300, so any recommendations would be appreciated!

  rmcqua 10:15 17 Mar 2006

Well, in that case, I would probably go for one of these + another 1Gb of RAM.

click here

  gudgulf 11:05 17 Mar 2006

An AGP card is no use on a PCI-express system click here

Latest 7900GT card from NVidia click here

There is nothing from ATI to match this price/performance.

One of those will eat HalfLife2 alive......and cope with any modern game you care to mention.

  rmcqua 11:26 17 Mar 2006

Never even looked to see if it was PCI-e. I sort of expected it not to be !!!
The nVidia 7900GT is a great card, and still some money left over to up the RAM.

  Gringo2005 11:30 17 Mar 2006

I didn't check either!!

nVidia spose to be good, any recommends for the ram?

think it has 2 sticks of 512mb in there at minute, would expect it to have 4 slots.
If we shove another 2 sticks 512mb in, would that speed it up?

  gudgulf 12:27 17 Mar 2006

Do you need more than 1Gb RAM click here

At the moment relatively few games will benefit from 2GB, but if you add a 7900GT or equivalent you will be easily capable of running at settings that WILL benefit those that do.

Bear in mind that you will not gain speed....more smooth gameplay with less stuttering of frame rates.You will also find faster return to the desktop when you close games down.

  keewaa 23:08 17 Mar 2006

I keep comments about Dell's not being up to gaming ... but I can't see why they aren't if you do as Gringo's friends is doing. A P4 3.2 with 2GB and a £300 graphics card ... where's the problem or is it actually the case that Dell 5150 and 9150 make decent gaming machines if memory & graphics card are upgraded?

  gudgulf 23:29 17 Mar 2006

Dell make some extremely well built and capable pcs.

No question about that.

But in their cheaper ranges they often use custom built and configured components that make upgrading nigh on impossible.

Examples are motherboards without a dedicated graphics card slot so it is difficult to upgrade from the onboard graphics....and one recent thread I've contributed to revealed that adding second drive to the IDE channels results in designed-in default to PIO mode operation to the second drive click here

No criticism of Dell intended here,other manufacturers do the same thing....but you need to be absolutely sure what you are buying and what you intend to use the pc for.Both at point of purchase and in the future.If you want upgradability then you need to be looking at the more upmarket products they offer.

I think people fall foul of the marketing to some extent........the low cost "bargains" from Dell are meant for basic office/workstation use.

  Gringo2005 08:45 18 Mar 2006

Thanks everyone, been educational!

I have relayed your advice and he's gonna upgrade as recommended

Thanks again


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