Dell Customer Service (Lack of)??

  Gingerrob 11:20 15 Jan 2003
  Gingerrob 11:20 15 Jan 2003

Just purchased a new system from Dell and during the ordering process (online) found it amazingly difficult to actually make contact with anyone at Dell. E-mails do not seem to be responded to, phone calls never answered etc. Anyone else had such problems or got any top tips on how to get through to them

  wildhouse 20:34 24 Jan 2003

I received my Dell computer in December - small gripe, wrong mouse delivered. Also noticed casing seemed loose and wanted them to know this if future problems arose. Tried to speak to my Account Manager who never responded. Spent hours trying to get some joy out of customer service who consistently referred me to my Account Manager. Now about 6 weeks later I have problems with the computer which I suspect must have been dropped. CD drive excessively noisy, programs no longer work. Have tried to talk to someone - never get a reply. Have left messages with Account Manager, his Manager and her Manager. Not one of them has responded and I am now left with an expensive computer that I want replacing. No one will help. Totally exasperated as I only bought Dell as their customer service supposedly very good. Anyone with any suggestions as to how I can actually speak to someone who will help appreciated.

  bartland 09:17 29 Jan 2003

I have found Dell´s UK base to be utterly useless on the few occasions I needed help or advice, I put it down to the modern disease CCS-call centre syndrome, a severe form of braindeath. it does seem though that in the USA the staff have developed a resistance to the disease as I found them to be courteous and efficient at all times. An expensive ´phone call but worth it.
I have just purchased my second Inspiron besause the product is very good but I will not be calling the UK hq in future.

  miles3 09:30 30 Jan 2003

I'm still awaiting a call back from Dell Customer Services since Tues 28/1/03 .

No Delivery of computer on Wed 29/1/03 ..

Does anybody know who at Dell can get something actioned ?

  Gingerrob 11:03 30 Jan 2003

It's not easy I'm afraid. With regards to the missed delivery phone the customer services department and ask to speak to a supervisor. When I did this I found my delivery charge refunded in minutes.

I have been in discussions with Dell since the 30/12/2002, about a missing DVD drive, wrong speed cd_rw and have sent an e-mail every day to various parties. So far the only joy I have is the refund of my delivery charge.

If you buy from Dell it is frustrating if not annoying, it would be nice to get a response on this forum from Dell themselves as they are supposed to have a presence here, as mine seems not to be the only gripe. Sadly the machine is excellent, but this is clouded by the somewhat difficult customer service problems they currently seem to have.

  Grizzler 12:26 31 Jan 2003

I ordered a Dell PC online on 17/1 & managed to get it delivered by 25/1. However they sent me the wrong monitor (analgoue TFT instead of digital) and have seemd to ignored my option of 3yrs warranty, quitong just 1 on invoice.

I'm told I can't speak to my account manager as he works in the internet team. I've sent emails, called & even a letter to the Bracknell HQ. No joy.

Seems like whatever I email, I always end up with a generic response advising to call Customer Care - who then promise to resolve it and never get back to me...

  Grizzler 12:58 05 Feb 2003

Thought I was getting somewhere last week - when I was assured by Customer Care that the correct monitor was being ordered & my warranty was being corrected.

But nothing since...

  rawprawn 22:25 05 Feb 2003

I bought my dimension 4300, everything was delivered on time & I followed its progress online. I later crashed it & got excellent service from their help line which turned out to be in India. Not only did they fix the problem online, but they called back 5 days later to see if everything was OK. Sorry guys I think they are great, although reading this forum I am begining to think their service is hit & miss. I have been lucky.

  nick_j007 23:14 05 Feb 2003

I too have an Inspiron 8100, and bought it last Spring from the online option and followed it like a school boy as the order was being processed. I had a few driver issues which were resolved over the phone immediately. All my comm's have been to their site in Ireland. So I am a happy 'Dell Boy'.
In terms of complaints, as always keep a full record of who you have spoken/written to, names dates etc. If you're pulling your hair out, find out who the Chief exec. is and send it all in WRITING to him/her!
Emails are so easy to ignore. Sad in our IT world eh?

Nick to bed

  Grizzler 13:46 21 Feb 2003

I have managed to get my analogue monitor replaced for the correct digital one - but am still trying to get results on the incorrect warranty.

No offers of any compensation - I've seen previous threads indicate they do often refund delivery costs.

Still - its a great machine, I just hope if I do have to call on support I get better results than with Customer Care. (They have won a lot of praise for reliability / service - so I guess the few who complain on here are a small minority).

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