Dell computers and their problems

  ajfnnn 20:34 29 Dec 2003

I have a dell dimension that is seventeen months old with 3year warranty and had nothing but problems with it. Video Card, CDRom Drive,Monitor and Hard Drive have all failed in past. Cant get anywhere with Dell
Can someone please help

  Big Elf 20:45 29 Dec 2003

Is it working OK now or do you have unresolved problems?

  ajfnnn 20:50 29 Dec 2003

The computer is not working at all they were supposed to come today to replace hard drive but they did not
They are supposedly coming tomorrow.
I think I want a refund the comp was never fit for the purpose it was sold!

  Big Elf 21:23 29 Dec 2003

I think you've been unlucky. I'm not too familiar with the legalities (some forum members are) but I think it's too late to have any redress after 17 months have passed.

  bfoc 23:09 29 Dec 2003

It is difficult to demand a refund.

The precise legal position could depend on how long it has been working for over those months, whether your accepting other repairs could be construed as you 'accepting' the machine (it probably would be) and also what the various faults are.

However, whilst a refund may not be possible you are clearly entitled to a properly working machine and Dell meeting their service obligations to you. To this end I would be tempted to fax and send, by recorded delivery, a letter to Dell listing all the problems and their, apparent, inability to resolve the problems and to give you a properly functioning machine. Point out that under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, as amended, that is what you are entitled to.

Ask them whether your experience is typical and what they propose to do to ensure that you get what you are entitled to. Make clear that if you suffer any further problems you will be demanding a replacement machine.

This might make them take notice! If you paid for the machone by Credit Card or Finance, you should fax/send a copy to the finance company as well as they could be jointly liable!

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