dell computers after sales service

  dwil 11:29 31 Aug 2014

Anyone had experience with Dell computers recently, particularly with after_sales service?

  spuds 11:38 31 Aug 2014

Why do you ask, if there's a problem, perhaps someone might have the answer?.

I use to deal with Dell quite a lot a few years ago, and had a problem with their sales and voucher codes. Never been back since, so that answer possibly doesn't help much?.

  dwil 11:16 01 Sep 2014

Thanks. sorry for delayed reply. Having to use library computer as mine dying. The back up support for Dell seems very good - on site repair if problems but a site I went on had many unfavourable reviews. Was hoping for some positive feed back

  Woolwell 13:38 01 Sep 2014

You need to remember that people who are satisfied tend not to post reviews.

Haven't used Dell for a long time so cannot comment on current status. The reason I haven't used them is that the for the price and spec I could buy better elsewhere.

  spuds 13:53 01 Sep 2014

I think that you will find, Dell have different support packages. For instance Dell next day business package, usually means that, if Dell consider the problem requires a on-site engineer.

Buying as an individual, then the support would be notified at the time of sale, providing you read the small print, or perhaps pay extra.

With Dell products, getting the local repair person involved, might have a few problems with spare parts.

Dell printer's are usually re-badged, made by another company, with slight modifications. Lemark and Kodak were once printer supplier's to Dell, they may still have an arrangement with Dell?.

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