Dell Computers.

  tuff guy 01:23 25 Jun 2003

I would like to know if my experience of Dell is just bad luck or are they always so bad. My first Dell fell apart after being sent for repair. The one I have now has a dying hard drive. Every time I e-mailed them for help I got back broken links & non existant programs. The final staw is that expect me to install the faulty drive. I have told them how time-critical it is to replace the drive but have had no date for fixing it. I wish I had never bought a Dell & would not have one again. If I could replace this one for another brand without losing out I would.
Tuff Guy.

  Gaz 25 18:16 25 Jun 2003

It may be true then, time taken over dell.

Dell are ussualy good.

  Sir Radfordin 18:21 25 Jun 2003

The experience people have with Dell seems to go from one extreme to the other. Either very good or very bad. There doesn't seem to be much mid-ground.

Not a lot you can do apart from keep on at them to get it sorted. Depending on the age of the machine you could reject it as not fit for purpose.

  Tuff Guy 00:56 27 Jun 2003

The PC is less than a year old.They sent me an e-mail asking me to fit the new drive.!! Talk about customer support on the cheap. If that idea caught on everyone would have to become mechanics or whatever. I have sent them 4/5 e-mails none have been answered. A large empty box was delivered the other day, no instructions or message telling me where & how to return the computer.At least the cat is happy he likes to sleep in a box. I have told them how I need the computer especially over the next fortnight so my son can contact me from America. I know they have phones & he is taking my mobile but it's so expensive & e-mail is cheaper. The second problem I have is that I cannot physically get the tower into the box as I suffer from heart disease. I even use it to get repeat prescriptions. As my GP won't do it over the phone I just fax it through & then the chemist picks it up. Sorry, that all sounds like self pity, but it's just a fact of life. Thanks for the posts much appreciated.
Max ( tuff guy )

  Aspman 10:07 27 Jun 2003

Do you have on site support? Dell hasn't offered that as standard for a while.

  maxiem 16:39 27 Jun 2003

Hi, thought I'd keep you amused. I spent yesterday sending e-mails to Dell without a response.A courier came to collectit this morning
I phoned Tech Support to see if they could help. I was told that the computer should have been picked up on Tuesday. After a discussion I relucantly have agreed to fit the drive myself. It's the only way I can guarantee that I will have a computer for the next fourteen days. So if anyone can help I would be grateful. I was hoping that PC Advisor could help but I don't see how to contact them. I have told them of the physical difficulties I have but nobody answers.I e-mailed Dell telling them I have accepted this action as a last resource. Trading Standards are my next call.
regards, Max ( Tuff Guy )

  Tuff Guy 17:10 27 Jun 2003

Sorry I changed my name to maxiem but it would only cause confusion. So I'm back to tuff guy. I think I have a Dell brain today.

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