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  robfreeman01 00:15 11 Jan 2003
  robfreeman01 00:15 11 Jan 2003

I placed my order for a Dell Dimension 4550 computer system on Boxing Day 2002 (26th Dec) and when I hadn't recieved my Order Confirmation order I rang them. I found out that the order had been cancelled due to a 'technical error' and I am still waiting for confirmation of my new order. Additionally I have received apalling customer service. Has anyone else had this kind of atrocious service and how bad has their experience been?

  steve0 00:33 11 Jan 2003

Have ordered many Dell computers for work. Some have arrived on time but others have been delayed - one was held up because despite check having been cashed they said they had not recieved it.

Machines are generally well made - nice looking and quiet. Technical service has been very good - one machine had to have windows xp reinstalled after virus wiped hard disk, and technician talked it through over phone.

Another machine had modem not pushed in completely so not recognised - once again engineer gave excellent advice to fix over the phone.

I think you will be pleased with machine when it eventually arrives!

  « Ravin » 02:29 11 Jan 2003

yes, steve0 is right... you'll have to go through a bit to order a dell but once it arrives you'll find that it's quite a good system. have never had any problems with customer care either, always polite and patient. once i ordered a graphics card which arrived faulty and they replaced it in 1 day.

  tippucat 09:07 11 Jan 2003

There was a similar debate in the run up to Xmas when someone on line had had huge difficulties in receiving his Dell system. My experience of Dell was very positive i.e., received the system very quickly and, more to the point, as a novice I ordered the system without having a clue. Person at the end of the phone talked me through exactly what I wanted thus ending up with a tailor made system that suits me. Stay with it. I know it's frustrating when it seems that the act of placing an order has become a problem but, hopefully, you'll enjoy it even more when it arrives.

  Psiman 14:21 11 Jan 2003

Maybe you were just unlucky. I've bought two dimension PCs from them, absolutely faultless, very quiet too. Their latest monitors are not the best, but that would be picky.

  Gingerrob 11:27 15 Jan 2003

I found the entire ordering process a nightmare, I was given wrong order numbers, e-mail phone calls were not answered. My confirmation of order arrived three days after the Pc which arrived two days after the initial delivery date, but four days before the second advised delivery date.

The PC is very good, but I found that the website offered an extra cost upgrade from a DVD/CDR combo drive to seperate drives actually meant to a CD-r drive amd a CD drive, so I find myself with no DVD. All communications to try and rectify this seem to have been ignored or answered with a 'sorry about that' email. Nice PC shame about the people who sell and support them!

  max-headroom 00:58 16 Jan 2003

Check the spec you ordered on the website (I hope you saved it) - because that sounds a bit odd.

Normally, the website is set up to only allow upgrades that are actually upgrades (i.e., you cant't remove a monitor, or change a DVD to a CD)

Sounds like someone in order entry may have messed up...

  Gingerrob 17:23 16 Jan 2003

Alas the online order is only saved as a 'basket' for two weeks, which was taken up trying to establish if I had ordered anything, and if it would be delivered at all, so I have no way of knowing.

All I have done is checked the website now where an 'upgrade' from a DVD/CD-RW drive to a CD-RW +CD Rom is an option but costs only £3 as opposed to the £42 I paid.

The maths does not add up but Dell still refuse to admit my PC is wrongly specced.

I continue to e-mail them in the hope that the light at the end of the tunnel is still on!

  robfreeman01 03:12 17 Jan 2003

Hey! Thanks for all your replies! Just to keep you guys up to date.Dell has been throughly incompetent in my order and my firm of solicitors are now pursuing legal measures for false advertising.
I've subsequently ordered a similar spec PC from Evesham and there has been a smooth progress from this supplier.
Thanks again!

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 09:42 17 Jan 2003

Hmmm, ordered boxing day, 17/01/03 instigating legal action for false advertising (22 days)bearing in mind that you don't say if you paid any money etc to Dell I find it somewhat hard to fathom what you hope to achieve by instructing "your firm" of solic's!! unless there is alot more to your story i think you are just wasting your time/money by going down this road

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