Dell Computer - Intel i5 or i7

  ToadWales 16:24 18 Jan 2010


This is my first post on the PC Advisor forums and I wondering if you guys can give me some advice on a new computer I'm purchasing.

I'm purchasing a Dell XPS 8100 from their website. The only dilemna I have is regarding the processor, do I go for the Intel i5 processor or the Intel i7 processor?

Here are the specs of the 2 different processors:
Intel Core i5 Processor 650 (3.20GHz, 4MB)
Intel Core i7 Processor 860 (2.80GHz, 8MB)

The only reason I ask is that I can see the Ghz speed is faster on the cheaper model. Should I opt for the cheaper i5 or the more expensive i7?

I do quite a bit of word processing and love playing the Sims 3 so playing that game would be a consideration in buying my new computer.

I hope someone can give me some advice on which of the two to opt for?

Thanks very much!

  GaT7 17:01 18 Jan 2010

Hi ToadWales & welcome to the forums.

All those XPS 8100 PCs (click here) will be far greater than your needs.

Consider going for a lower & cheaper spec & add a graphics card separately. These are also a bit overkill for your usage, but will save you a bundle.

click here

click here

click here

A GT 240 graphics card should do nicely click here. Or even a HD4670 click here.

If you need a monitor, these can be purchased separately, as Dell's upgrades tend to be overpriced. G

  ToadWales 17:07 18 Jan 2010

Hi Crossbow 7,

Many thanks for your message. I failed to mention in my original message that I help to run a photographic history website and therefore my computer handles 1000s of photographs quite regularly and I run some complex graphic programmes also.

Sorry I didn't originally include this, in light of what I've just said could you recommend which is best the i5 or i7?

  [email protected] 17:24 18 Jan 2010

The i7 860 is better than the i5 650, despite its lower clock speed.

Here are some benchmark results to look at: click here (Pages 11-15)

  GaT7 18:16 18 Jan 2010

"....and I run some complex graphic programmes also."

What are these exactly please? G

  AL47 20:13 18 Jan 2010

what you ask isnt too much of a task for even intels dual cores .. except what crossbow has pointed out

  Why wont it work 23:10 18 Jan 2010

In answer to your original question: the i5 650 is cheaper because it's dual core, whereas the i7 860 is quad core.

The 650 would probably be enough for what you want. Even older Core 2 Duos would do the job well, so an i5 would be even better (and of course the i7 would be better still!).

  Input Overload 16:06 20 Jan 2010

I have had issues with my 64 Bit Win 7 laptop I got a couple of weeks ago regarding drivers. I don't understand why the option is not there for a 32 bit version of 7.

  GaT7 15:14 21 Jan 2010

Here's a Dell Vostro click here with an i7 860 & 32-bit Windows at a reasonable price.

Use voucher code M1?3S7XDD0??T6 (expires 23/01/10) at checkout to get it for £470 delivered. G

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