[DELETED] 20:35 27 Sep 2005

I've had a Dimension 4100 for 5 years with no problems but now want to buy a new desktop in the £900 range.
I would consider Dell from past experience but cannot find any computer mags including PCA that recommend Dell anymore.
Is Dell so far behind the rest that they do not even warrant a review these days? And is Mesh really the best buy in this price range?
Any constructive guidance appreciated.

  [DELETED] 09:17 30 Sep 2005

The Inspiron is built like Darth Vader's briefcase and memory is around £40 for 512Mb from Crucial............ which I think is pretty damn reasonable. As to their desktops, I have never had any problem fitting CDRWs, extra HDs etc. Trust me, the Inspiron is a superb machine that will handle all office applications and photo-editing. If you want gaming then I would look in the direction of Alienware.


  [DELETED] 11:21 30 Sep 2005

my 2 cents worth - would not buy a dell for one simple reason customer service is bad depending on who you get in india or ireland.

ordered a computer last week, there was a problem and did not let me know until i called them, thier answer is to go back on line and order a new computer as the deal for last week is gone and although they have my order they cannot reinstate it. someone was also meant to call me yesterday to let me know if they can reinstate as of today i have not heard anything so called and cancelled. buying a fujitsu now. main problems are one call centre cannot put you throough to the right person you have to call again and hope you get the person you need to speak to. and they have too many reharsed am sorrys

i can only imagine what i would have to go thru should anything go wrong

  [DELETED] 18:02 30 Sep 2005

I have a Dimension 8300 desktop, which recently needed a new hard disk due to incompatible backup software (described on a different Forum discussion! - not Dell's fault).

I thought the service good on the whole, with very courteous helpline staff whose English was excellent, but there are several inconveniences - as, I suppose, there are with all helplines.
(1) No cover outside office hours (can't think why this is, office hours wouldn't be the same in India) or at weekends.
(2) Long waits to get started.
(3) If you do get started and the phone is cut off you have to start all over again with a new support person, no matter how far on you have got with solving the problem - this must make extra work for both parties.
(4) The customer is expected to perform procedures for which I'd have thought a visit from an engineer would be appropriate, like opening up the PC & checking the wiring connections etc. I have an "on site service agreement" to protect me from this kind of thing, but it didn't help!

That said, I have found Dell's service good on the whole compared with the service from most other hardware, or software, companies which I have experienced.

  [DELETED] 18:51 30 Sep 2005

Well, after due consideration of all the responses including the Forum Editor's, I have finally decided to place my order for the Dell Dimension 5100 today.

With the various promotions the package is attractive financially at just under £900 inc. 3 year next day support.

There has been a lot of mixed reports about the support service but on balance Dell seem as good - or bad - as the rest of the potentials.

Thanks everybody for helping me choose to buy Dell.
I'll keep you posted on developments....

  [DELETED] 20:06 02 Oct 2005

What I can not get my head around is the Dell pricing structure. A Dell Dimension 9100 is advertised costing from £699 on the internet I take it this means a working complete computer as these are systems, if you now select all the standard items ie all that are described as included the cost (presumably initial cost) the price jumps to £729 however by the time you get your credit card out it has gone up again now to £870. Is this legal advertising ?

  [DELETED] 20:09 02 Oct 2005

You need to deselect the '3 year return to base' warranty which is ticked by default. You will not need it and it costs around £190.


  [DELETED] 17:34 03 Oct 2005

Thanks for your help,guys & gals, I've decided on a Dell 6000.
now for the praying bit!!!

  Forum Editor 18:20 03 Oct 2005

I hope you enjoy a long and happy association with your new Dell. With luck you won't need to put the company's after-sales service to the test - the vast majority of Dell computers work perfectly from day one, so the law of averages is on your side.

  [DELETED] 18:37 03 Oct 2005

Gandalf, it would make sense if it was as you say and I suppose for some models that may be the case.
It is not so as far as I can see for the 9100. The return to base cost is a 1 year inclusive and added by default in the small print but no tick to allow removal of this cost, which incidently should be coverd under the warranty and not required as a add on I will be asking the question to DEL when I call.

With this up front pricing the products look very attractive but I wonder does any one ever get to pay the advertised price?

  [DELETED] 18:46 03 Oct 2005

Thanks, Forum Editor. According to the Dell order status link my 5100 is already boxed and awaiting shipment. So far so good...

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