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I've had a Dimension 4100 for 5 years with no problems but now want to buy a new desktop in the £900 range.
I would consider Dell from past experience but cannot find any computer mags including PCA that recommend Dell anymore.
Is Dell so far behind the rest that they do not even warrant a review these days? And is Mesh really the best buy in this price range?
Any constructive guidance appreciated.

  [DELETED] 08:49 29 Sep 2005

they do, in a rival mag last month there was a Dell laptop write up..............

  Forum Editor 10:41 29 Sep 2005

do not provide their machines for evaluation...."

Yes, it is.

Magik ®©'s 'rival mag' must have obtained the laptop some other way.

  [DELETED] 14:54 29 Sep 2005

I don’t think it is possible to include corporate users into the mix when the customer is private as the corporate users will always get a better service. My experience is if your PC has to go back for repairs it's going to take at least a week as they are based in Ireland

Secondly when a customer of ours had a problem with autoexec.nt they did manage to follow the Microsoft knowledge base eventually, but it did not solve the problem so they suggested formatting the PC. Our customer contacted us as he did not want to format his PC. Knowing a fix for this that works but knowing Dell would not like us moving system files I contacted Dell who said it was the fault of our software (not so it is a windows fault) then preceded to say that they would guarantee it would not happen again after formatting unless he installed software not sold by them! If he put on software not sold by them they would not be able to warranty windows!

I let them know it was appalling customer service and that they had probably lost their customer as we could supply a fix that worked and could support his windows package and that we would be more than happy to take him off their hands.

Strangely enough both I and the customer got a reply from a senior customer services manager apologising and saying it was a known fault and they were doing their best to find a solution. They had obviously not told their support people that!

Also dell make their PC's with some items that are unique to them so the only place to get replacements is from them.

They are in general a good company but I personally would not go near them. That’s my personal opinion not a corporate one.

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I would say "Not"

  [DELETED] 18:27 29 Sep 2005

I just replaced my Dell laptop with an IBM T42. The latter is built like the proverbial RUssian tank. I've had it three months and it really does feel like it will last three years. The Dell however was really shoddily built and was virtually falling apart after 6 months. THe IBM has some really useful features, like a shock detector for the disk and a built-in reading light. Software-wise too there's quite a bit of added value such as the wireless manager. The Dell has nothing of added value and was cheaply made. IMHO, Dell build down to a price point, not up to a level of quality. Also note that Dell offer two ranges: a home one and a business one. The home range is a bit cheaper but is REALLY cheap in every sense of the word. AVOID.

  [DELETED] 18:32 29 Sep 2005

'I used to buy laptops (mainly toshiba) from PCW and they were fine but after buying many wide screen Inspiron 6000's I would not touch any other. They are around £548 with free delivery and 512Mb memory at the moment'

I think you may be basing your ideas on one item bought in the past. You need to move on with the times.


  [DELETED] 20:34 29 Sep 2005

My, there's a lot of differing opinions concerning dell flying around!
Thanks for all the help, I currently own a dell desktop and am more than happy with it, but I have had Toshiba laptops recomended to me and just want to know if they are as good if not better than Dell pound for pound.

  [DELETED] 22:36 29 Sep 2005

I would always buy Dell now rather than Toshiba. Having said that, Toshiba are very good but IMO Dell has the edge.

  pavvi 23:20 29 Sep 2005

I think it would be more helpful if you say why not. I have bought 2 dell laptops and have the Inspiron 6000 and have no problem with the build quality. I have had no problems with customer services, and was contacted by dell on a number of occasions to keep me in touch with delivery dates. I paid 500 for a pretty good package (Centrino processor, 512mb memory, free delivery) and am happy with it. With such a big company you are going to see a mixed bag of reviews....

  [DELETED] 09:05 30 Sep 2005

I have been told that the inards of a DELL are not standard so if you want to add/change parts yourself at a later stage, normal 'off the shelf' components are not compatible and you have to get 'em from Dell. Any truth?

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