[DELETED] 20:35 27 Sep 2005

I've had a Dimension 4100 for 5 years with no problems but now want to buy a new desktop in the £900 range.
I would consider Dell from past experience but cannot find any computer mags including PCA that recommend Dell anymore.
Is Dell so far behind the rest that they do not even warrant a review these days? And is Mesh really the best buy in this price range?
Any constructive guidance appreciated.

  spuds 09:43 28 Sep 2005

Dell have a very good market, especially in the commercial world, so that must be a review in itself. Nobody is going to purchase a computer system that is not one of the best for the job,with good customer service and back-up.

With Dell in the private market, you tend to find that the same product can have very many different prices plus things like free delivery, extra memory etc, so it pays to check this out before making the final decision.Would point out that Dell are not the cheapest if you go away from the standard build, their upgrade components seem to warrant a rather higher upgrade price.So again, it doe's pay to check and compare their product range, for that extra long term saving.

  [DELETED] 11:40 28 Sep 2005

Spuds I quite agree with what you say regarding the price checking. The Dell prices and spec. for the same pc can vary between press and online promotions.Probably then, rather than 'customising'(upgrading) it is probably better to buy the nearest standard Dell package and add the extra memory etc later.

  [DELETED] 16:44 28 Sep 2005

I've been dealing with Dell for years, and I am so pleased with all my machines, they're great value for money. However, if you hit a problem with a Dell machine, then you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Their customer service is terrible. It really is. They have long queues and then when you reach the front of the queue, you will find it hard to understand what they are saying, as the call centre is in India. It will take a very long time to resolve problems. I was once completely ignored after I had sent an e-mail. You have to make a choice if you decide to buy a dell.

  ened 17:09 28 Sep 2005

but I wouldn't touch Dell for two reasons:

1) As stated above their customer service stinks.

2) They are impossible to upgrade without either a load of hassle or going back to Dell and paying extortionate prices.

  [DELETED] 18:49 28 Sep 2005

Anti-Virus, your comments really do throw the cards in the air again ; it seems like pot luck or even Russian Roulette. I've not really had a problem with my Dell so I have not tested their support service.

Their 3 year on site service comes at an additional expensive £150 approx. on top of the standard pc package.

I suppose all depends on if the pc is OK and I don't
need to call them.

Back to the drawing board.

  [DELETED] 21:46 28 Sep 2005

i dissagree with every one who thinks dell
is rubbish they are very fast machines and good value for money.

  [DELETED] 22:14 28 Sep 2005

I,ve used a dell desktop in the past at work and currently use a dell laptop for work and have been happy with both. However from looking at the Dell website it does seem that they aim to intice you to purchase with what appears to be a very competative price until that is you start to configure your purchase to your needs or too what Dell "recommends". The price of upgrades to the basic system on offer been to my mind been little sort of rip off territory.

As for not been reviewed in the PC press I think I parallel can be drawn with Bose in the hi fi world who by dint of the fact they rarely seem to offer up there kit for review simply don't figure in any purchase recommendations made by magazines reviewing hi fi and home cinema kit.

  [DELETED] 22:19 28 Sep 2005

Dell sell so many PC's, because they ARE good, look around any company, from hospitals to the BBC, and they all use Dell..and so do I..

  Forum Editor 01:16 29 Sep 2005

and sells 150,000 machines every day.

A company that big and that successful must be doing something right, and it is - it's selling well-built, very reliable computers at an attractive price point - both to corporate and private customers. When I visit my corporate clients I see more Dell machines than any other brand.

  [DELETED] 01:29 29 Sep 2005

Forum Editor, thank you for your contribution but can you answer why PCA, amongst many other professional pc reviewers,has not included Dell in its test lists for such a long time.

Is it simply that Dell do not provide their machines for evaluation as so many have suggested?

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