lisa02 15:09 08 Jan 2008

My system arrived a week early, yay!!

Took it out of box and the whole thing had plastic film protecting it except the front top panel which houses the dvd drives. On inspection it was scratched quite a bit, I imagine from being *[email protected]:ed about the production line. But why wasn't there film on this particular part? I wondered.

Phoned XPS helpline and had a chat with chap who instructed me on how to remove it. Then constantly blamed the courier for the damage and promised the replacement part will arrive tomorrow.

I'm getting it resolved okay but the fact that he harped on about the courier bugged me. He should have accepted the truth that the courier could not have done it.

On a plus the machine runs blisteringly fast compared to what I ever had before. Nice extras in the box like leather folder for manuals and os disk. Branded XPS Velcro cable ties, cloth and mouse mat etc.

  lisa02 15:13 08 Jan 2008

Oh my! it seems I used a profanity when I did not mean to.

The word has T, O and two S's hidden.

  lisa02 11:29 09 Jan 2008

Got a call and they having trouble getting part.

It gets better.

  robbins 12:37 11 Jan 2008


Can I just have a quick word about Dell.

A friend mentioned that they were cheap (not having any high st. stores anymore) so I decided to recommend them to my Mum and Dad who were looking to upgrade.

The PC arrived but when plugged in made a horrible whirring sound until rebooted - sometimes this needed to be done 3/4 times in order to make this noise stop. We called them but couldn't find anyone in their "call centre" in India who spoke English and could deal with the quite simple request of sending us a new machine out and picking up the broken one.

To cut a long story short - over 6 weeks later they still havn't been to pick up the broken PC - I keep speaking to so called managers who insist that they will come and collect it but don't. They still havn't refunded any money - A delivery guy did come but would only pick up the monitor not the rest of it as he says he didn't have instructions to take the lot. We didn't want to give it to him in bits and pieces and he agreed so now we are absolutely stuck.

No-body knows what they are doing over there - you can't speak to anybody who speaks English - they keep complaining that the line is bad and hanging up on us - this has happened 3 or 4 times. It is really frustrating and I don't know who to complain to. Everytime I speak to a "manager" over there they assure me all the problems are solved and then we call again asking what they're doing and no-body knows what we're talking about and its back to square one.

Dell are a complete and utter joke. My advice would be to stay away from them - we are going through a nightmare with them at the moment.

  tillybaby23 12:53 11 Jan 2008

Ok this was a while ago now but the customer service still seems the same - utter rubbish,

The computer I bought never did shut down properly, I tried to contact the correct people but it didn't matter at what time I phoned the call was never taken either in England or India,

In the end I paid a local computer repair man to sort the problem out for me which I know I shouldn't have had to do but I really did want a computer that worked properly.

Since then I have purchased two more computers but never again will I buy off Dell.

  Ancient Learner 21:54 13 Jan 2008

We needed 2 PCs for the Grandchildren for Christmas.
Decided that the Dell was v.good value.
Had a conversation with a lady in India, who sorted out the extra memory for us.

They arrived a week early. Beautifully packed.
Worked perfectly from the box.

Kids love 'em.

We are delighted.

  STREETWORK 22:14 13 Jan 2008

Got a Dell XPS as a replacement PC and managed to get over £100 off the system using voucher codes and then bugging out just when i was going to complete the purchase. Had a call from DELL an hour later offering another £50 off if brought today...

All arrived a wek early to my work address and its fab...

  SURVEY 09:42 14 Jan 2008

I recently purchased a new laptop from Dell. Dealt with a sales rep in India. This is Dell's downfall - not easy to understand the 'accent'. However, the girl was helpful. I changed the spec mid-way through the order (Visa back to XP - and glad I did!) and Dell were helpful. Laptop arrived early and in good condition with all working fine.

I have previously bought Dells and had not problems unlike some other makes I have bought.

If only Dell and some other companies would realise how damaging to their businesses it is using foreign accented staff. Before buying anything now that may involve tech support I check to see where the tech centre is based. If a choice between UK and India I would always choose UK.

  interzone55 11:22 14 Jan 2008

Just think yourselves lucky, as a Dell business customer I have a call centre in Ireland to deal with, they're even harder to understand than the Indian call centre

  SURVEY 15:28 14 Jan 2008

alan14 - I do know what you mean. One of my pension providers is based in Scotland, and another in the North of England. Neither accent is easy to understand! Mark you even our local news does not have a newsreader born locally for some reason. I often wonder if products made in Inadia were to use UK 'tech services' how they would like it!!

  lisa02 12:12 15 Jan 2008

Well this is my second and last experience of Dell. It has seriously put me off them.

I bought an Inpiron first week in December and then this tower first week in January. It's the last I'll buy from them.

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