flyingbrit 10:06 11 Nov 2005

What do you reckon to a Dell Dimension 5150 with intel 3.2 cpu, 17" tft 2.1 speaker system for £594. It's a deal I can get through my employer, it's either that or dimension 5150c media desktop with intel 2.8 cpu for £628. Any thoughts on which?

  mantraman 11:23 11 Nov 2005

There are many great Dell Deals listed at click here

A really great site for up to date Dell Dimension and Inspiron Laptop Deals.

A great compilation of what is possible to purchase direct from Dell's Site.

Have fun !

  flyingbrit 11:28 11 Nov 2005

Yea but I can't do that. It's got to be one or the other to get it through work, the only thing I can specify is a 17" or 19" screen, but 19" puts the price up.....thanks anyway

  mantraman 11:37 11 Nov 2005

I would go for the Dimension 5150 with the 3.2Ghz CPU.

These are great looking systems, very sturdy and perform well.

I would also go for the 19" TFT. (If the price does not shoot up too much !)

  flyingbrit 12:26 11 Nov 2005

OH, here's another, I've just been informed I could chose a HP Pavillion t3065 or HP Pavillion t3250 for about the same price as the Dell's, so my next question is...which is better Dell or HP?

  VideoSentry 12:38 11 Nov 2005

I have used -and still do- both makes,one at home and the other at work and neither have given any problems.I think it is down to the 'little things' like Colour? Flash card reader? How many ports? any spare space for HDD or DVD R/W etc.
Good Luck

  Jamesy 21:26 14 Nov 2005

Thanks 2 MantraMan, I configured an amazing deal and finally bit the bullet and got a Dell system of the following spec:

Dimension 5150 (E-Value: 1-D11516c)
3.0Ghz P4 630 with HT 2MB Cache
1024MB 400Mhz DDR2 RAM
19" Dell 1905 FP w/ DVI
160GB SATA HDD 8MB Cache
ATI X600 PCI-E Graphics
Soundblaster Live 24-bit Sound
16x DVD-R & 16x DVD-ROM
Windows XP Home
1 Year Collect & Return Warranty

£523 EX VAT including delivery !!!
(£619 inc VAT for home users)

I was waiting for the right price/performance Dell deal to come along, and I don't think you can get better than this.

Sure enough, this system is not as upgradeable as the Dell 9150 series, but jesus, for the price you cannot complain and I would not need to upgrade, with the price of computers now whats the point? I'll just get a new one next year ;)

  Al94 22:50 14 Nov 2005

Nice link mantraman!

  jbp1982 23:00 14 Nov 2005

I agree with you on the prices.

I am also jealous of the deal you got, mine is off similar spec except it an athlon 3700+ and an extra hdd. for £829 it was compaq machine.

I plan to save a £100 a month in a separate computer fund account til vista comes out and get a blistering fast computer. Already got £300 saved.

  Jamesy 11:04 15 Nov 2005

yeah, jbp, the way i look at it there's no point in the latest, expensive technology right at the moment (such as dual-core, dual-graphics etc etc) when it is not currently fully utilized and computer prices keep dropping so often anyway.

I say my box will last me for about a year, and at that point I'll get a dual-core, dual-graphics, Vista-proof machine for about the same price as what I paid today for the budget P4 system! Keeping with the times in technology costs too much ;)

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